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2 weeks ago

Message From Financial Aid

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute · Students cannot always afford college expenses, but PTTI, a contruction trade school in Spring garden, got them covered with their Financial Aid program. One of our financial aid advisors EJ has a message for you about how PTTI helps its students through the process of getting mo ...

1 year ago

The Different Roles That Leaders Play

Wesley Oler IV · What do you think when you hear the word leader? For many people, an all-imposing figurehead comes to mind rather than a specific task or role. Being a leader isn’t a universal role that someone has over others; instead, a leader is someone with many different roles, all of which ...

1 year ago

Crafting a message or simply adding words to words?

Greg Rolfe · Well here are are once again standing at the edge of the void hoping to add words of value to the endless flow of ideas and posts streaming into the ether. Perhaps to craft a phrase or concept that catches the attention for one precious moment, impacting moving or even enlighteni ...

3 years ago

In Dedication Of Auntie Sue

Marianne Naughton · Words from my husbands brother : https://www.facebook.com/events/1505329839556234/ · Another day of treatment 😢 and yes, it's true that it takes years to make you feel alive. With the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation you will never be 100% because your immune system is ...

4 years ago

OMG, is it Serious, Maybe

Harvey Lloyd · Big data and the use by marketing (or spin if you count politics) is fudging the line of concern and serious. · From healthcare, · national security and the deodorant we use, high emotion is now attached and would have you believe something is wrong with you or your environment ...

5 years ago

24 Hour Rule

Sarah Elkins · "Your hours are 8 to 5. Your lunch time is between 11 & 1. I don't want to have this conversation again." · She followed up with an email stating four arbitrary rules, similar to this one. · My son's elementary school concert was at 2:00 so I thought I'd skip lunch, go to the con ...

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