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1 month ago

Duplicate content for google

Javier 🐝 CR · I have seen lately that some beBee bloggers publish on different platforms exactly the same content, with different final results, sometimes a better indexing outside beBee, but with less engagement in number of comments. · Duplicate ContentWhat is clear is that, regardless of wh ...

2 months ago

4 reasons to use beBee as a complementary social media strategy

Anne Strong · Today I continue to talk about this promising network that I like so much called beBee.  Here are some more reasons to be a member of beBee: · 1.- It is complementary to the professional network Linkedin. · I like it because it is complementary to Linkedin, and in no way a substi ...

4 months ago

Post from Samuel Sunday Senior

Samuel Sunday Senior · Social Media Influencers Problem · Social Media Influencers ProblemHello everybody to fix trust you all are progressing nicely. What’s more, today we should discuss about the purported forces to be reckoned with that rule them. I believe that on a huge part, these web-based media ...

6 months ago

Post from Javier 🐝 CR

Javier 🐝 CR · If Aristotle Were Alive, What He Wo ... · Despite being many years on social media, I am still amazed ... · https://hr.bebee.com/producer/if-aristotle-were-alive-what-he-would-say-about-virtual-friendships

1 year ago


Greg Rolfe · For the last few weeks we have seen an increased outcry against this forced isolation. But to be realistic is it not just a symptom of the reality of our lives? Yes it is true our leaders have forced an outward isolation of a kind upon us, but has we not already created a style o ...

4 years ago

30 seconds on why you should not aim for sprint on social media

Virag🐝 G. · I don't know about you, but I am voting for marathons over sprints every day (and twice on Sundays). 360-social-media tips á la me. · Tell me your thoughts, let's discuss why everyone wants instant gratification instead of doing the work?! · *** · Virag is a digital communication ...

4 years ago

Busting Myths About View Counts... And Other Engagement Metrics

Phil Friedman · SOME CONSIDER VIEW COUNTS THE BE-ALL AND END-ALL, WHILE OTHERS DISCOUNT THEM ENTIRELY... BUT NEITHER APPROACH IS ENTIRELY CORRECT... · Preface:  For the record, I didn't start this discussion. It was started by those who make fantastic statements about view counts and other engag ...

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