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1 month ago
Hypefresh Hiphop

Post of Hypefresh Hiphop

Hypefresh Hiphop · MCDONALDS EMPLOYEES HAVE TO RAP THE LYRICS TO SAWEETIE’S AND DOJA CAT’S “BEST FRIEND” NOW · McDonalds promotes Saweetie Meal by making employees rap her hit single "Best Friend." A TikTok user shows off their rap skills. · McDonalds Employees Have To Rap The Lyrics To Saweetie’s ...

11 months ago
Michael Toebe

McDonald’s has a Bigger Problem than Defending its Lawsuit Versus Black Franchisees

Michael Toebe · McDonald’s clearly doesn’t see it yet but in its zeal to defend itself in different lawsuits filed by Black franchisees about alleged discriminatory and exploitive practices, it is talking down to and possibly gaslighting minority owners. · This reactive strategy will only serve ...

1 year ago
Cecilia Castelli

Del amor y otras confusiones

Cecilia Castelli · Ocho de la mañana; cuarenta y cuatro mensajes por Whatsaap, nueve videos sobre el orden mundial, una foto de una hamburguesa de Mc Donalds hecha con carne de bebé y un documental de las torres 5G. Good morning Vietnam! No, tal vez Vietnam sea la referencia incorrecta, ya que los ...

5 years ago
Lisa Gallagher

A Tale From Yesterday

Lisa Gallagher · When I was young life seemed grand. My dad left for work each morning and when he arrived home we had his full attention. My mom was always busy cooking, cleaning or running errands. I am the oldest of 5 children and I remember waking up on many bright, sunny mornings thinking, " ...

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