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2 months ago
Locations Cloud Scraping

How Many McDonald’s Closures Are There In Walmart?

Locations Cloud Scraping · As more customers shop online and choose drive-thru, McDonald’s is shutting several eateries within Walmart shops. For more than 30 years, Walmart Inc. and large eateries such as McDonald’s have had a mutually beneficial relationship. Shoppers had a motive to remain around stores ...

11 months ago
Michael Toebe

McDonald’s has a Bigger Problem than Defending its Lawsuit Versus Black Franchisees

Michael Toebe · McDonald’s clearly doesn’t see it yet but in its zeal to defend itself in different lawsuits filed by Black franchisees about alleged discriminatory and exploitive practices, it is talking down to and possibly gaslighting minority owners. · This reactive strategy will only serve ...

1 year ago
Michael Toebe

Easterbrook's Partial-Truth Lie a Short-Sighted Response

Michael Toebe · Expressing a partial truth might prove helpful in escaping lie detection and consequences in disputes or scandal, at least temporarily, yet if it is discovered it is going to be labeled as an even more egregious lie with greater costs. · Steve Easterbrook, former president and ch ...

1 year ago
Edwin Dearborn

Your Cornerstone to Financial Sovereignty

Edwin Dearborn · I want to share with you a common theme that keeps appearing, one about Financial Sovereignty. · Since the chaos of Covid19 hit in early March of 2020, I have been on a quest to rebuild my business model. One that could survive the arbitrary laws and rules that could force any bu ...

2 years ago
Alexa Steele

A Short Guide To Marketing Calls To Action (With Examples)

Alexa Steele · Imagine you’re taking a family road trip. About halfway to your destination, the kids begin complaining, “We’re hungry!” You remind them you packed an entire cooler filled with snacks, but none of that will do. · You pass a roadside sign decorated with those familiar golden arche ...

2 years ago
Edwin Dearborn

7 Big Reasons Why Facebook Ads Fail - And How To Fix Them

Edwin Dearborn · There are 7 powerful reasons why most small businesses fail when they try to use Facebook Ads to grow their sales. · Which one are you tripping over? · 1. Unreal expectations   · You can't expect referral-quality prospects from leads that you paid a few dollars for. · Facebook is ...

4 years ago
PD Scullin

Is Overselling The Same As Lying?

PD Scullin · Which brands are you loyal to? Not just like or prefer, but insist on? · A product that if it’s sold out, you won’t accept a substitute — you’ll wait until you can get your loved brand. · So, how many loyalty brands do you have? · Damn few, I suspect. · Sadly, we live in an age o ...

4 years ago
Preston 🐝 Vander Ven

Internet Real Estate

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · Many people believe that McDonald’s is a hamburger business. Yet, the business giant is actually a Real Estate giant.  The real reason everybody knows McDonald’s name is not because they have the best products, yet because they are everywhere.  I, myself, don’t even like their bu ...

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