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7 months ago

Retirement Planning for Late Starters

Matt Dapore · Are you a retirement late starter? Maybe you took a while to get established in your career or had pressing financial matters. Either way, there are several strategies you can employ to catch up. Have a comfortable retirement by following these methods. · Seek a Higher Rate of Re ...

4 years ago

Persuasion Time on Video

Jerry Fletcher · Video’s time has come. · The problem is that most folks don’t understand the time constraints. To convince or persuade you have: · 3 to 7 seconds to get their attention3 to 5 seconds to eliminate non-prospects7 to10 seconds for them to decide to view moreMax 10 to 20 seconds pe ...

4 years ago

United Airlines Offering Passenger Insurance

PD Scullin · United Airlines has had its share of troubles recently, but the company today announced a proactive measure to “get some positive spin and shut the pieholes of crybabies,” according to Max “Biggy” Tempraw, a spokesman. · The large man told The Lint Screen “the company’s going to ...

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