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2 months ago

Post from Rob Rawleigh

Rob Rawleigh · Sports Mask, stylish and easy-to-use in everyday life. Light-weight and breathable, MICROKNIT filter fabric blocks 99% of ultra fine dust particles with sizes ranging from 1.7 to 2.6µm (40 times smaller than human hair). After 100 washes, the mask continues to block 99% of dust p ...

3 months ago


PD Scullin · Randy Sumpton wanted to keep his freedom, so he robbed a bank masklessIt used to be wearing a mask was an essential part of a bank robber’s wardrobe. Not anymore. · Randy Sumpton of Apopka, Florida, decided to rob The First Florida Bank and did it maskless. Almost immediately, th ...

8 months ago

Practicing a true smile

Greg Rolfe · I was reminded last week of the benefits of smiling. The physical, emotional and, even the social benefits are worth the effort of actually smiling. Now with the mask mandates in place, smiling can be a bit more difficult. But just because something is a bit more difficult does n ...

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