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2 years ago

In a world of confusion let this be clear

Greg Rolfe · Today it appears that we stand at the crossroads of debate and confusion over just who God is. Is God the God of the white man? So I thought I would be blunt and simply tell the truth as the scripture reveals it. · If you are olive, tan, black, red or white, if you are gay, strai ...

3 years ago

Lack of Self-Confidence is a Myth, What Happened to Lindsay, and Why Elvis Left The Building

Dave Worthen · We will get to what the hell happened to Lindsay in just a minute. · But you will first need to grab your coffee and strap yourself in for this one. · This is Math 101 on steroids. · Math? · I know, right? · But if you read all the way through and don't bolt class, you will find ...

3 years ago

The Mark of the True Marketer

Jerry Fletcher · I’ve decided to go back to speaking professionally after a hiatus first for health reasons and then because of my Mom’s decline due to aging followed by the bureaucratic tangle after her death. Interactions over the last few weeks have convinced me that a skill I’ve honed over th ...

3 years ago

Listening: The Holy Grail

Dave Worthen · You want someone to listen to you. · That’s actually only partially true. · You can recall right now over the span of your life, hundreds of people that have listened to you. Your wife. Your husband. Your parents. Past boyfriends. Past girlfriends. Grade school teachers. Your aun ...

4 years ago

What will make your business more profitable?

Jerry Fletcher · I told Mark, “I can’t make it to the meeting, I’m already scheduled.” · “So,” he said, “What suggestions would you like me to pass along? We’ll have a couple management consultants, an accountant and a CFO as well as a computer consultant at the table. We need your input as the ...

4 years ago

The Saga of the Damned Tree

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · Iron Tree Service is a local company, tasked with providing service throughout the area—that’s the east coast of Massachusetts. They came to my rescue as a result of the circumstances outlined in my story, Adieu, Dear Tree. · My neighbors were up in arms over Mother Nature’s fell ...

4 years ago

Hearth Home, National Coalition for the Homeless, and the Hand of Who?

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · https://www.bebee.com/producer/@joyce-bowen/hearth-home-part-1 · https://www.bebee.com/producer/@joyce-bowen/homelessness-and-me · I am in negotiations still with Hearth Home over getting stories. People don’t easily trust journalistic intentions. We are not like therapists who a ...

4 years ago

On the Mark

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · Image provided by Mark Parisi · By Joyce Bowen CONTRIBUTING WRITER · A soft-spoken family man, 36-year-old Mark Parisi is low key about his successes. The walls of his studio sport framed cartoons autographed by their famous creators including Charles Schulz of “Peanuts” fame. Di ...

4 years ago

Growing a Small Company

Don Hornsby · I am personally excited about the new book from bestselling author Mark Miller. · LEADERS MADE HERE provides an insightful look on how leaders can build a leadership culture in their organization. · I am sharing the following article (with permission) from Mark that provides a g ...

4 years ago

The Traits of a Farmer

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · “The farmer plants seed by taking God’s word to others.” -Mark 4:14 · First, I want to say the family’s who put their lives into Farming have the most faith among all the jobs.  Especially when there goal is not to sell there crops, yet to provide for their families.  I wanted to ...

5 years ago

Differentiation Thru Conversation: BeBee and the Quest for Market Share

Phil Friedman · THE LION'S SHARE OF ANY MARKET GOES TO THE FIRM THAT BEST DIFFERENTIATES ITSELF FROM THE COMPETITION... · Preface:  This piece could have been titled "With Some More Help For My Friends", as it is, in many respects, a natural sequel to "With a Little Help For My Friends"   And ye ...

5 years ago

American Grammar Checkup: Apostrophes Mark the Spot!

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · Does the picture above make you wince? Can you easily spot the three errors in it? · While there are differences in all the versions of "English" around the world, most English speakers and writers can spot at least one of the errors above and maybe all three. Two of those errors ...

5 years ago

Make Your Mark, Like Robert Plant Did

Tommy McElroy, MD · Imagine a world without Led Zeppelin. Legendary Zeppelin co-founder, vocalist, and songwriter Robert Plant was destined to be an accountant. Mr. Plant told an interviewer, · I was supposed to become an accountant....can you imagine that, an accountant?He also related that he once ...

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