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2 years ago

You're Invited to Join the Port Royal Group Forum (@Facebook)

Phil Friedman · WHERE THE CONVERSATION ABOUT YACHTS AND THE YACHTING INDUSTRY IS LIVELY, CANDID, AND 100% INSIDER... · The Port Royal Group for Yacht Builders, Buyers, and Owners has been operating on LinkedIn for nearly ten years. · Recently, we’ve undertaken a makeover of our group and, at the ...

4 years ago

The Portable Boatyard

Phil Friedman · PHIL FRIEDMAN, MARINE INDUSTRY CONSULTANT AND FORMER CEO OF LUXURY YACHT BUILDER, PALMER JOHNSON, SPEAKS TO TRADE ONLY TODAY ABOUT HIS JOURNEY · Never once during a span of some three decades have I ever regretted making the decision to pursue a career "messing about with boats". ...

4 years ago

Learning From Mistakes

Phil Friedman · EXPERIENCE MAY BE THE BEST TEACHER, BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE YOUR EXPERIENCE   · In my consulting practice, I often explain to prospective clients that I can help them not because I am so brilliant, but because I've likely already made just about every mistake they might make g ...

5 years ago

Key Tips for Small Business Operators and the Marine Industry

Phil Friedman · OBSERVATION AND COMMENT AFTER 30 YEARS IN THE MARINE INDUSTRY · I work in the large-yacht construction sector, where most companies, irrespective of size or gross annual revenue, exhibit a relatively flat organizational structure. That makes most of them "small" businesses, whet ...

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