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1 month ago

Consultant Marketing Credibility Index

Jerry Fletcher · What is your credibility index? · If you are a consultant it is a pretty good bet that you have a profile on Linked In. · How credible does that profile make you to your prospects? Here’s a simple way to evaluate that will take just minutes. · What to consider. · People, I’ve bee ...

3 months ago

Elite Rage

Jerry Fletcher · When you’re that good you expect to be treated with deference.  · You get used to people taking your word as the expert.  · You won’t admit it but it feels good to have that ego polishing occur.  · That expectation may be misinformed. · I work with elite consultants who, if they ...

2 years ago

Consultant Marketing Website Anatomy Part 3

Jerry Fletcher · Does your site pass the first panel 3 second test? · Parts one and two dealt with that first panel, the three seconds you had to brand yourself/product and the 4 additional seconds you had to get across what you do in a memorable way. · You hooked ‘em, now what? · You should b ...

2 years ago

Consultant Website Concerns

Jerry Fletcher · Pull the trigger! I’ve worked one on one with hundreds of consultants and spoken to thousands more over the years. Their single biggest complaint: · “ I can’t get clients to move as quickly as they should on my recommendations!” · These are the same folks that raise these con ...

2 years ago

Building Brand On Your Professional Website

Jerry Fletcher · There is a difference. · A web site built for an independent professional, the folks we call advisors, consultants, coaches, counselors, trainers, designers, artists, and freelancers of all types, is not like a product site. Professionals may have an “alphabet stew” of credentia ...

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