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3 months ago

Lithium: An extraordinary element in nature

noel gill · Lithium proves very beneficial to mankind because of its unique and extraordinary properties. Lithium uses in batteries all knows. But you know lithium was used in aerospace industries as well in the form of Al-Li alloy and also used in hydrogen bomb. · This element is really ext ...

2 years ago

Seven reasons why beBee is better than LinkedIn for professional networking

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · Is it me, or does this look like a set of bowling pins? Is it intentional? So many questions! Lately, I've been exploring various options, platform-wise, and even went to LI for a bit. This online wandering was partly to get some feedback on some niche data science algorithm and ...

2 years ago

Post from Miguel Orellana

Miguel Orellana ·

3 years ago

“The path to well-being is paved with well-doing"

Fay Vietmeier · “The way to improve the world is first by using one’s own heart and hands and head,” - Robert Pirsig · “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” — John Crosby  · “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn ...

5 years ago

Thursday Thoughts: Social Media Headshots

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · I’m not the first, and I’m sure I won’t be the last here on LI (or any other professional platform) to notice the variety of headshots that we use to represent ourselves. · While each of us is unique and our business might not require a suit-and-tie approach, there are still a fe ...

5 years ago

How to Win at the Social Media Game: O.V.F.

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · About five years ago, I decided to “up my game” and learn more about using social media effectively to increase the number of clients for my new offerings of editing / copy editing services for authors of anything non-fiction. · Not much happened for about a year. I didn’t even r ...

6 years ago

Tuesday Tricksters: Principal? Principle?

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · I was “talking” on LI recently with someone I thought was a first-degree connection — he thought the same thing — but then he checked for some reason and asked to connect. And then we “talked.” · He (Tom Dietzler) wondered if I could help with two words — homophones — that he kep ...

6 years ago

Wednesday Words: Anybody, Anyone, Somebody, Someone

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · One of my LI connections (Ranjith Abraham) sent me this note: “I was reading an article and came across inconsistent usage of ‘anybody,’ ‘somebody,’ ‘anyone,’ ‘someone.’ Would you please address the differences (if any) among them?” · What Ranjith noticed was that some of the wor ...

6 years ago

Bugging me, bugging you: Is there something we can do?*

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · Yes, there are things that "bug" me, some so-called "cosmic questions" that simply make me nuts, and I thought I'd see if anyone has answers, has thought of these things too, or has thought of some I haven't even considered (yet). · Here are my Top Ten questions I wish I could an ...

6 years ago

Busting Myths About View Counts... And Other Engagement Metrics

Phil Friedman · SOME CONSIDER VIEW COUNTS THE BE-ALL AND END-ALL, WHILE OTHERS DISCOUNT THEM ENTIRELY... BUT NEITHER APPROACH IS ENTIRELY CORRECT... · Preface:  For the record, I didn't start this discussion. It was started by those who make fantastic statements about view counts and other engag ...

7 years ago

Hives, Groups, and Froot Loops

Phil Friedman · WITH MAJOR CHANGES AT LINKEDIN, A VACUUM IS DEVELOPING ON SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PROFESSION- AND INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC GROUPS ... · Preface:  The following ideas are presented not as some form of final solution to anything, but as an intended stimulant to further discussion. I invite you t ...

7 years ago

Is It Relevant?

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · Looks innocuous as Hell, doesn't it?  Yet it is a stamp of approval. It means, "Hey—okay—I liked this." · But does it translate into things the way it does on LinkedIn?  · I think not.  On beBee, clicking on this little icon sends a message to the provider of what  might be call ...

7 years ago

Differentiation Thru Conversation: BeBee and the Quest for Market Share

Phil Friedman · THE LION'S SHARE OF ANY MARKET GOES TO THE FIRM THAT BEST DIFFERENTIATES ITSELF FROM THE COMPETITION... · Preface:  This piece could have been titled "With Some More Help For My Friends", as it is, in many respects, a natural sequel to "With a Little Help For My Friends"   And ye ...

7 years ago

I Wish, I Wish for... a Perfect Publisher

Phil Friedman · TAKING A LOOK AT WHAT MATTERS MOST TO WRITER-PUBLISHERS ON beBee · Preface: For the record, I'm a beBee booster. Have been since beBee Social Marketing Director John White, MBA first suggested to me that it was going to be a great place for independent writers to hang out. John a ...

7 years ago

Screwed, Blued & Tattooed: How LI Pulse Writers Have To Be Feeling These Days

Phil Friedman · AN AFTERWORD TO THE DYNAMIC DUO'S PREVIOUS POST ON LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES... · Preface:This is the 16th installment of this series by Jim Murray and me. We’ve kept at it, because the response in terms of readership and engagement continues to be gratifying. In ...

7 years ago

LinkedIn Users: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Phil Friedman · Preface: This is the fifteenth installment of this series by Jim Murray and me. We’ve kept at it, because the response in terms of readership and engagement continues to be gratifying. In fact, we've expanded it's exposure and accumulating following, by now simultaneously publish ...

7 years ago

Hoax Versus Spoof: Understanding the Value of Satire

Phil Friedman · AND NOW YOU'LL KNOW... THE REST OF THE STORY · I've always thought of myself as a non-fiction writer. Professional, but not creative. Someone who deals primarily in the interpretation of technical material for an educated, but primarily non-technical audience. · I don't write no ...

7 years ago

Can You Believe This?

Phil Friedman · RECENTLY POSTED AS A BIT OF SATIRE ON, AND ABOUT LINKEDIN, THE RESPONSE WAS... WELL, MIND-BOGGLING... · So, it was last Friday evening late, and I sat there at my desk and laptop, missing the Friday night silly sessions that we used to have on the LinkedIn group, Writers 4 Writer ...

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