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3 years ago

Some Important Truths About Crypto-Currencies

Phil Friedman · MAKE NO MISTAKE: TRADING IN CRYPTO-CURRENCIES IS A ZERO-SUM GAME... · The number of cryptocurrencies available over the internet as of 7 · January · 2018 is over 1,384 and growing.[1] A new cryptocurrency can be created at any time.[2] · -- Wikipedia · I do not pretend to ...

3 years ago

Switching Tracks

Phil Friedman · RUNNING ON RAILS DOESN'T GET YOU ANYWHERE, WHEN THE TRACK DEADENDS... · If you are tired of having your professional and business networking efforts undermined by arbitrary algorithms over-riding your choices and those of your followers and connections, you should check out the i ...

3 years ago

Shifting the Paradigm

Phil Friedman · IF YOU'RE NOT PAYING, THEN YOU'RE THE PRODUCT... ·   · Over the years, one of my long-term clients was Andrew J. McKelvey, founder, chairman, and principal shareholder of Monster.com.  And during more than a decade of one-on-one contact with McKelvey, I learned a lot from him, no ...

4 years ago

BeBee At the Crossroads: Wrapping Up This Series

Phil Friedman · WRAPPING UP WHAT HAS TURNED OUT TO BE A REASONABLY POPULAR SERIES ABOUT BEBEE, WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT COULD BECOME... · Preface: I started this series slightly less than a year ago with the article "Affinity Networking On the Line". That piece generated a huge number of comments ...

4 years ago

The Rising Tide of Aggressive Passivity

Phil Friedman · MOST OF US ARE FAMILIAR WITH PASSIVE-AGGRESSION, BUT WHAT ABOUT PASSIVITY THAT TURNS VICIOUSLY AGGRESSIVE... · Preface:  This post was initially inspired by and dedicated to my fellow author, Donna-Luisa Eversley, whose writing not only seems to brim with a lilting Caribbean acce ...

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