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1 month ago

The seedy crimes of the obscenely rich are routinely ignored

Francisco Lopez · The seedy crimes of the obscenely rich are routinely ignored · Imagine a world in which two things are true. One, you can make piles of cash as a direct result of breaking federal law. Think of it as theft by other means. Two, you won't ever get caught or be punished. Think of it ...

4 months ago

Post from Sean Dagel

Sean Dagel · We understand how difficult it is to focus on your core jobs while also managing legal back-office tasks. Therefore, Cogneesol offers its expertise and assistance in managing back-end law office tasks so that you can focus on your overall goals. To know more, visit: https://bit.l ...

4 months ago

McCarthy Claims Capitol Cops Are Antifa Trying to Destroy Law and Order

PD Scullin · Rep. Kevin McCarthy says these men are Antifa shills.Just when you thought GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy could't go any lower, he takes the down escalator. · McCarthy, who didn't think the January 6 Capitol Trump maggot insurrection was a big deal, now says the Capitol ...

8 months ago

Promoting Equal Pay

Ember Conley · In spite of ongoing legislation and discussions around the gap in gender pay, there is still a sizable difference between what men and women in the same industries are paid. In addition, sectors in which the workforce is predominantly made up of women continue to be among the low ...

1 year ago


PD Scullin · Chris Wallace, the last journalist at Fox News, almost lost his life last night as he moderated the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. · “It was a living hell,” Wallace told The Lint Screen after the ninety minutes of verbal abuse. “Congress needs to ge ...

1 year ago

4 Different Types of Lawyers and What They Do

Jason Sheasby · It’s easy to say you want to become a lawyer, but what exactly does that entail? Both people who are new to their law career journey and already-established lawyers can struggle with the particular field of law they want to specialize in, and it’s hard to figure out what that spe ...

1 year ago

Barr Declares "Friend of The President" Law

PD Scullin · Atty. General William Barr knows his justice, and he also knows which cheek of the president's ample ass is buttered. · Today, Barr declared a new law he's written "offering complete immunity from American laws to friends, family, and associates of Donald J. Trump." · "The presi ...

1 year ago

High School Concussion Laws

Richard Foster · Concussions in teenagers from high school sports are a serious concern among the medical profession. These concussions can have lifelong effects on the child’s developing brain and can affect their education, work, and social skills as they emerge into adulthood. To counteract th ...

1 year ago

Bracing for Law School In Spite of Rising Tuition

Richard Foster · Law remains a strong and profitable career path for people, but it may not be for everyone. Law school requires time and effort to complete and it costs plenty of money for tuition. Money stands as a major obstacle for people trying to start law school, but you can still do it. Y ...

2 years ago

1000 Year Future Map: GiantERP

Joseph Sprute · Overview · Perhaps most relevant to the Virtual Commons is the feasibility of global ontological engineering. Paramount to this is validation of processes, and the ethical approach to data logistics. A logical order of standards defines explicit constraints on the definition of l ...

2 years ago

The Impact of AI and Machine Learning on the Field of Law

Jason Sheasby · The rapid advancement of technology has had an impact on all of us in our daily lives. When technology impacts an entire sector, concerns and questions arise. What effect if any will it have on normal operations or the jobs of its professionals? · Artificial intelligence (AI) has ...

2 years ago

How Technology Has Changed the Field of Law

Suzanne Grandt · http://suzannegrandt.net/how-technology-has-changed-the-job-of-lawyers/ · Recently I wrote an article on how the field of law has changed in response to technology. Check it out and let me know your thoughts! · www.SuzanneGrandt.net · @SuzanneGrandt · Excerpt: · Technology has a ...

3 years ago

Your Greatest Asset

Jerry Fletcher · Your name can be your best asset if you are an independent professional. · I didn’t understand how important it was when I hung out my own shingle. I named my company Z-axis Marketing, Inc. · Nobody could understand why I named it that way. Nobody could spell it, Nobody could ...

3 years ago

Murphy’s Law, Minions and Your Personal Brand

Jerry Fletcher · Building your personal brand means you have to: ·      · Constantly keep it in mind. ·      · Unceasingly support it. ·      · Always keep it visible. · That is especially true when Murphy and Minions grab hold of your life. · I know. I’ve just come through three months o ...

4 years ago

Law Proposed To Eliminate “Evil”

PD Scullin · Lamar Dewackle, a Republican Representative from Texas, has had enough of mass shootings in America, and he’s going to do something about it! · Dewackle is proposing a law that would “address a major problem with innovative thinking.” He spoke to The Lint Screen about his revolut ...

4 years ago

Reshaping the 48 Laws of Power

Ron McIntyre · Many who I have chatted with over the last few years understand that I am not a great fan of Robert Green’s 48 Laws of Power released in 1998. It is considered a classic book on human psychology and yes there is some truth to many of the laws. While he considers them amoral and j ...

5 years ago

Is there more to the Law of Attraction?

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · The law of attraction is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.  So, the law of attraction stat ...

5 years ago

The Majority In The 85% Bracket Won't Even Bother To Read This!

Michael D. Davis · I'm sorry to tell you this but the law of percentages aren't in your favor. There's a reason for this and #thedailychalkboard gives you purpose to question yourself as to why this is so. You can find this post in an easy to read text version along with other Daily Chalkboard post ...

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