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7 months ago


PD Scullin · Everyone knows it can get pretty hot in the state of Georgia, so its Governor Brian Kemp has created what he calls “a brilliant solution” to refreshing voters on Election Day. · “I took a lot of flak when I signed Georgia’s new voting laws,” Kemp told The Lint Screen. “Some peopl ...

1 year ago

Kemp Admits He Threw Georgia Election For Biden, "I Wanted Trump To Be A Loser"

PD Scullin · Georgia politics is not for the weak-kneed or weak of heart. Down here, you best bring your A-Game, and even then, you better hope the teacher grades on a curve. · Georgia Governor Brian Kemp today admitted to what millions of Americans have suspected for a month–– he rigged the ...

1 year ago

Kemp Opens Chain of Funeral Homes, Sees Big Opportunity

PD Scullin · Before he became Georgia's governor, Brian Kemp was a successful businessman making money in agribusiness,  financial services, and real estate. Now he has set his astute business mind to a new industry–– death! · Kemp came to The Lint Screen offices to discuss his new business v ...

1 year ago

Kemp Learns COVID-19 "Can Be Pretty Nasty"; Shuts Down Georgia

PD Scullin · Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp knows how to steal elections, but he doesn’t know much about novel coronavirus COVID-19. · Kemp, who as Secretary of State oversaw his 2018 gubernatorial race against Stacey Abrams, suppressed tens of thousands of votes so he could win the election. ...

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