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3 years ago

Hive🐝Talk - Featuring Jim Murray, VIP, beBee Brand Ambassador - June 10, 2019

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman · Jim Murray VIP · Onwords & Upwords Inc · Creative Director, Writer, Art Director, Project Manager · St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada · Marketing · O&U provides strategic focus, concepts, copy writing & editing, art direction and production in all on and offline media for SMEs and ...

5 years ago

Kim Jong Un and the great devil Trump

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · You should like this one, Jim Murray. · When I first heard of the death of Kim Jong-il, I was riddled with the hope that his son would become a great leader—bringing his country, and perhaps the world, into a new era of light and enlightenment. What a shmuck I was. · As a psychol ...

5 years ago

When It Rains…

Jerry Fletcher · A comment from Jim Murray decided me. · I came to the conclusion that I should share the personal side of my life with friends here on beBee. I intend to do so about once a week. · Here goes. · I finally decided to put my house on the market. I like it and clients from halfw ...

6 years ago

How to Go From Bland to BRAND

Jerry Fletcher · Jim Murray's post made me think about how I, too, can help the entrepreneurs here on BeBee. This video from my web site wwwBrandBrainTrust.com is built on a foundation of 50 years of experience. I hope it is helpful for you. Here is a direct link: https://vimeo.com/185534580 · "

6 years ago

About Writing About Writing

Phil Friedman · WHEREIN THE AUTHOR LOOKS AT THE GROWING WRITER'S COMMUNITY ON BEBEE AND ASKS WHY SO MANY SEEM COMPELLED TO TELL OTHERS HOW TO WRITE... · Preface:  Between the time I started writing this post and the time I finished it,  Alexa Steele  published  "How to be a better writer by igno ...

6 years ago

On Trees, Trolls, Trust and Truth

Phil Friedman · FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF A MASTER OP-ED BLOGGER... · Preface:  This rant is inspired by, and dedicated to my good friend, Jim Murray, whom I consider to be among the most masterful of op-ed bloggers  —  because he can piss you off while at the same time making you love him ...

6 years ago

Inspiring Collaboration to Take Social Media by Storm

Randy Keho · Please allow me to introduce an exciting new collaboration between Aurorasa Sima and myself, Randy Keho, entitled "You Don't Say?" · It's a blatant rip-off of the popular series, "He said, He said," developed and produced by Phil Friedman and Jim Murray on beBee, the affinity-bas ...

6 years ago

Affinity Networking Is On the Line

Phil Friedman · A LOT OF BEES ARE TALKING THE TALK, BUT HOW MANY ARE READY TO WALK THE WALK? ... · On a recent installment of "He Said He Said" (Vol 17, by Jim Murray and Phil Friedman) an issue arose about the nature of Affinity Networking. And I was very surprised that so many otherwise commit ...

6 years ago

Screwed, Blued & Tattooed: How LI Pulse Writers Have To Be Feeling These Days

Phil Friedman · AN AFTERWORD TO THE DYNAMIC DUO'S PREVIOUS POST ON LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES... · Preface:This is the 16th installment of this series by Jim Murray and me. We’ve kept at it, because the response in terms of readership and engagement continues to be gratifying. In ...

6 years ago

Has the Time Come to Use LinkedIn Pulse Like They Used Us?

John White, MBA · Image Credit: Epiphany Institute · I just got done reading Jim Murray's post, The Wall. If you haven't read it you should. In the post, he voices the frustration so many of us have experienced with publishing on LinkedIn over the last year.   · So many posts have been written abo ...

6 years ago

LinkedIn Users: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Phil Friedman · Preface: This is the fifteenth installment of this series by Jim Murray and me. We’ve kept at it, because the response in terms of readership and engagement continues to be gratifying. In fact, we've expanded it's exposure and accumulating following, by now simultaneously publish ...

6 years ago

The Quest for Visibility: Chasing the Trend on Social Media

Phil Friedman · SEARCHING FOR THE LINE BETWEEN OPPORTUNITY AND OPPORTUNISM... ·   Preface: This is the fourteenth installment of this series by Jim Murray and me. We’ve kept at it, because the response in terms of readership and engagement continues to be gratifying. In fac ...

6 years ago

He Said He Said — An Index of the Complete Series

Phil Friedman · AN INDEX TO THE COMPLETE SERIES OF CROSS-BORDER RANTS AND BANTERS ABOUT WHATEVER PHIL FRIEDMAN AND JIM MURRAY DECIDED TO PICK ON... · in December, 2015, Jim Murray and I decided to try our hand at a new format for publishing long-form posts on LinkedIn. The approach was to pick ...

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