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10 months ago

The Anatomy of Humanitarian Trade With Iran - Amir Handjani(Iran)

Amir Handjani · The United States has long promised to ensure trade in humanitarian goods for countries under its economic sanctions. For this reason, each U.S. country-based sanctions program has carved out exceptions that secured food and medicine so as to limit potential catastrophic effects ...

1 year ago

Get Real on Iran’s Missile Program - Amir Handjani (Iran)

Amir Handjani · Last month Iran test fired a new ballistic missile. The Trump administration formally put Iran on “notice” and sanctioned entities close to and within Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) they believed were responsible for the missile test. Iran not only escalated its rhetoric but c ...

1 year ago

How Trump Can Get Out of His Iran Jam - Amir Handjani

Amir Handjani · President Donald Trump has made his disdain for the nuclear agreement with Iran quite apparent. It’s much less clear what he plans to do about it. · In his debut before the U.N. General Assembly last week, the president called the deal “an embarrassment” and strongly suggested he ...

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