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4 months ago
Crypto Business World C

Coinbase gets an official nod from Japanese Regulator to enter its crypto market

Crypto Business World · Japan financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency has approved Coinbase and given the company an · official · nod to · enter Japanese crypto market. · Coinbase · is registered under the revised fundamental settlement act · as a crypto exchange service provider. · Coinbase ...

9 months ago

How Lean Management Benefits Employees

Michael E Parker · Lean management is all about providing values to customers based on their need, all while eliminating as much waste as possible. As a lean management expert, I had the opportunity to learn lean principles from first generation lean experts in Japan on the Toyota production line. ...

1 year ago

An Imagined Letter

Jerry Fletcher · A friend passed this on to me. I don't know the author but I felt it should be posted here. · An Imagined Letter from Covid-19 to Humans · Stop. Just stop. · It is no longer a request. It is a mandate. · We will help you. · We will bring the supersonic, high speed merry-go-ro ...

2 years ago

Four Foods to Try in Japan

Bryan Dunst · Despite the relatively small size of this island nation, Japan is home to a fascinating culture and a diverse array of delicious foods. From shinto temples to the bustling streets of Tokyo, there are plenty of sights to see. When visiting, be sure to sample as many of the unique ...

2 years ago

International Etiquette Tips: What to Know Before You Eat

Bryan Dunst · One of the best parts about traveling is diving into a new culture and learning about the people and traditions specific to the region. An easy way to do this is through food. Meals connect us as humans and provide us with a common ground to bond, make new friends, and learn abou ...

4 years ago

Why, do we ask, why?

Fancy J London · When you start to think about all the awful things going on in this world, your mind starts to swirl around, you begin to act like a child asking, “WHY?” · 'Why do I have to go to college'? · 'Why do I have to work two jobs'? · 'Why do I pay taxes for people who don’t want to wor ...

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