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1 month ago

3 Industries That Need a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Amy Nelson · Are you running a business and need clarification about whether to hire an MSP company or not? Many organizations need help maintaining their IT infrastructure, keeping up with security threats, and ensuring their systems run smoothly. This is where · Managed Service Providers (M ...

2 months ago


Victoria Rojas ·

3 months ago

Outsourcing Software Development

Raj Sanghvi · A company nearly never has in-house experts for every area of IT, particularly software development. For short-term projects, assembling an on-site team of software developers can be expensive and time-consuming. This is when software development outsourcing is useful. Instead of ...

5 months ago


Alta Technology · Altatechgroup - custom software development company in USA · Alta Tech Group - custom e-commerce & website development in USA ✓ Software dev agency ✓ Top worldwide IT company & Best Digital Agency ✓ AltaTechGroup ➔ Best of US Web Developers · https://altatechgroup.com/

6 months ago

What does an personal IT Guys do in an office?

Jessica Smith · Personal IT Guys, or information technology specialists, have become the unsung heroes of the modern office. From troubleshooting network issues to deploying new software to fixing printers that never seem to work, IT guys go above and beyond to ensure that the technology running ...

6 months ago

IT vulnerability assessment

Jessica Smith · Don't let a single vulnerability put your business at risk. Get our guide to IT vulnerability assessment today. · Guide to Conducting An IT Vulnerability Assessment · Today, data is one of your business's most valuable assets. More than that, losing access to your data can stop y ...

9 months ago

IoT Network Security: The Essential Guide for Protecting Your IoT Network

Robert Benjamin · #technology #it #Tech  · Read More:  IoT Network Security

10 months ago

How To Build An Outsourced IT Department

Baliar Vik · When a company faces a need to create new software and scale or support existing digital solutions, it has two options. The first is to create an in-house team of IT specialists. read more · How To Build An Outsourced IT Department, Cut Costs And Maintain Quality? - Glorium Tech ...

1 year ago

Web App Development Technologies

Ashish Narola · continuous change and updates especially with the front-end tools and technologies remain a challenge for developers. Therefore, when you hire web app developer, it is crucial to ask and check whether they are well-versed with the latest technologies. As we discussed earlier, a d ...

1 year ago

Health IT

Jaime Contreras, MBA, CISM, CISA · Congress is finally taking medical cybersecurity seriously · There are still huge vulnerabilities in the system. · https://www.theverge.com/2022/6/3/23153048/congress-medical-device-cybersecurity-hacking

1 year ago

Business Technology Consulting Services | IT Strategy Consulting

Amit Agarwal · Cyber infrastructure Business Technology services & solutions power digital transformation by revolutionizing your business application portfolio with a new style of IT. · #businessapplication #appdevelopment #consultingservices  

2 years ago

Steer Your Managed IT Firm Away from Lead Generation Mistakes

Judy Caroll · Aside from the well-known IT giants, most IT companies and startups are small. However, the pressure to effectiveness, or keep them ahead of their competitors is real. They have to improvise or fossilize, and part of that is improving their lead generation. · The Need for Lead Ge ...

2 years ago

6 Helpful Lead Generation Strategies for Healthcare IT

Judy Caroll · Written by Judy Caroll · We’ve had our share of – ranging from health insurance providers to medical software solutions. We’ve also covered a range of topics about like marketing automation, B2B healthcare marketing trends, and even ways to . But despite all of these, we’ve not y ...

2 years ago

Sales Enablement and Lead Generation in the IT Services Industry

Judy Caroll · If you’re an enterprise tech company, you’re probably familiar with the term sales enablement. The job function has become increasingly crucial for many IT services companies selling to large customers. Why? It helps salespeople during the sales process by providing them with the ...

2 years ago

How to Manage Outsourcing Risks in 2021?

Kateryna Kachkovska · Plenty of things changed in business over the past year. However, one thing is certain - outsourcing will remain one of the most popular business strategies in the following years! · Outsourcing became popular shortly after the Great Recession. For businesses, outsourcing came as ...

3 years ago

How to Create An eCommerce Brand That Stands Out

Stuart Frost Laguna Niguel · Your brand is the story around your ecommerce shop. It’s also the culture. It sets your shop apart from other businesses. For customers, this means they wouldn’t want to shop anywhere else because what they get from your online store is a unique experience. · Branding creates a c ...

3 years ago


Patrick Scullin · Senators Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander, and Lisa Murkowski did not vote for impeachment in the trial of President Trump because they believe he had learned his lesson and would straighten up and fly right. The ‘bad boy’ would obey the rule of law. · Silly senators! · Yesterday, ...

4 years ago

Hive🐝Talk - Featuring Nicole Chardenet - May 11, 2019

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman · Nicole Chardenet VIP · I'm a sales enablement & video marketing SAAScritter by day and by night I'm a freelance writer bringing humor and English to bland corporate Dilbertspeak. I'm an IT geekette who loves storytelling. What's your story? I can help!Nicole Chardenet · http://ww ...

5 years ago

The Distance Virus: Don't Let That Virus Spread in Your Relationship

Dave Worthen · I was working with a couple to repair their marriage and along that road they both became aware of something they’d never given thought to. · It was the ability to confront or grant beingness to their partner when their partner did, said, or acted in a way that was difficult to ...

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