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6 months ago

Politicians and Institutional Lies

Dale Tunnell · As you probably already know, lying has consequences. But it generally does not just affect the one who is deceived. Advertisers, salespeople, media, and politicians often use some form of deception to conceal information. And even more critical, institutions you learned to trust ...

11 months ago

Why Iran won’t succumb to Trump’s sanctions

Amir Handjani · The Trump administration has put into place a punishing new wave of sanctions against Iran that targets critical components of the Iranian economy from banks to energy, shipping and insurance. · From the start of his administration, President Donald Trump has insisted that he ...

1 year ago

Israel-U.A.E. Diplomatic Deal Ratchets Up Tensions With Iran - Amir Handjani

Amir Handjani · Iran unleashed an angry broadside this weekend reacting to the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, a deal signaling deeper cooperation between the Jewish state and Gulf Arabs to counter Tehran as it vies for regional influence ...

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