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2 weeks ago

What is the career growth as a PHP developer in India?

John Smith · PHP is one of the popular open-source server-side scripting languages for website development. Today, not only startups and small-scale companies but even Fortune 500 companies are using PHP for their web development projects. For instance, Facebook, Etsy, Slack to name a few. So ...

3 weeks ago

Top 10 Indian Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps in 2021 | X-Byte Enterprise Solutions

Bhavesh Parekh · 1. JioMart · It is one of the favorite online grocery delivery app operating currently in 200+ Indian cities. The app offers the best discounts and deals on groceries and other daily essentials. · Features · Offer free delivery on all orders(no minimum quantity required)Easy retu ...

3 weeks ago

Cost To Launch Your Online Grocery Delivery Business App

Bhavesh Parekh · The on-demand grocery delivery started years back, but it has flourished into a successful campaign in recent years. Thanks to the grocery e-commerce shopping app that has facilitated convenient and faster delivery of essentials. · Even during the pandemic, online grocery sales w ...

1 month ago

How can I hire a Laravel developer or company?

John Smith · Laravel has a decent community with more than 45,000 users on Laravel.io and many Laravel development companies out there in India. At the same time, it means finding a Laravel developer or company is not challenging but finding a quality one is not an easy feat. · To help you l ...

1 month ago

Salesforce Testing Services

Chris Taylor · AwsQuality is know as the best Salesforce Testing Service provider in India. We offers Salesforce.com Testing services including Functional testing, Unit Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing and many more.

6 months ago

Post from Stven Martinez

Stven Martinez · An explosion box is essentially a greeting card in a box. As the image above shows, when you remove the “lid” of the box, the card opens up to reveal personalized messages and other decorated elements crafted by you.  ·  #3layerChocolateExplosionBox #ChocolateBox Visit: · 3 laye ...

6 months ago

Post from Richard Baker

Richard Baker · Get your Pooja Thali · Pooja Thali or Pooja plate is a tray or large container on which the entire puja materials are accumulated and decorated. In Hindu religious occasions, festivals, traditions and rituals, pooja plate maintains an auspicious role. Visit: · Handmade Pooja Tha ...

6 months ago

Post from Ramesh Lal

Ramesh Lal · Top Web Design Companies In India: Best Companies List · Searching for top web design companies in India? Here is the complete list with all the web design development company details & industry information. · https://www.fatbit.com/fab/top-web-design-companies-in-india-for-desig ...

1 year ago

Hiring Globally Following the Pandemic

Jorge Alberto Lloreda · The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of today’s workplace. What was once considered a temporary quarantine measure might become a much longer-lasting cultural trend of working from home. With this increased telecommuting flexibility, some employers want to hire globa ...

1 year ago

La verdad detrás de la cuarentena

Cecilia Castelli · Hace cinco días que estoy en pijama, no sé si pensar que estoy deprimida o que me superé del todo; los pros: que todo el mundo está igual y la gente ya no nota la diferencia—ellos solo quieren la vacuna del COVID-19 y volver al trabajo. La contra, qué probablemente si no me eché ...

1 year ago

Is Climate Change Currently Worse Than We Thought?

Murad Shuqom · There has recently been alarming evidence that the climate crisis might be much worse than people think. People across the world, in every continent, are experiencing weather catastrophes the likes of which have never been seen before. These kinds of calamities destroy crops, mak ...

2 years ago

De Argentina a la India

Cecilia Castelli · Mientras todos están entrenando para la maratón San Francisco-Los Angeles— o alguna ridiculez así— yo me estoy preparando para competir con los punjabis en la pista de baile de Public Works en Bhangra Night. · Una vez al mes los hindúes se reúnen a festejar su música en el barrio ...

2 years ago

Del total de 1039 plataformas en el mundo, 247 son offshore, por Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva · Llegan a 23,7% plataformas offshore de exploración y producción de hidrocarburos en el mundo · China e India son los países que poseen el mayor número de plataformas. En Latinoamérica encabezan la lista México y Brasil · La industria offshore de hidrocarburos continúa en ascenso. ...

2 years ago

Hive🐝Talk - Featuring Tausif Mundrawala, VIP, beBee Brand Ambassador

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador · Tausif Mundrawala VIP · beBee Brand Ambassador · Nariman Point, Mumbai - Mahārāshtra, India · Pragmatism defines me well as I have always believed in being practical and reaching a goal · https://www.bebee.com/@tausif-mundrawala · Links · https://twitter.com/TausifMun F ...

2 years ago

Hive🐝Talk - Featuring Savvy Raj VIP - March 9, 2019

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador · Savvy Raj, VIP · International Dance Council UNESCO · Member · Pune, Pune - Mahārāshtra, India · Dance Educator, Products Designer, Artist, Wellness Mentor, Motivational Speaker & Writer · https://www.bebee.com/@savvy-rajSavvy Raj · Links · http://www.savvyraj.com · http://www. ...

4 years ago

American Grammar Checkup: More Devilish Details -- Capitalization

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · So far I’ve written three posts (#1, #2, #3) on devilish details that can derail even the best article, because many writers are not putting their best selves forward. They’re turning readers away due to small errors that when added up may make the writers look unprofessional. · ...

4 years ago

Two Steps Farward

Mark Blevins · I was hanging out in a place called the Recovery Café here in Seattle this morning. It’s a clean and sober place. About five or six years ago the problem my family has with diabetes landed on me. I had to stop smoking, drinking, and cut out a lot of processed sugar because I don’ ...

5 years ago

i Never Leave Home Without One!

Michael D. Davis · Welcome! · First off I want to thank you for being part of one of the greatest moments in creative technology history! Digital photography, and specifically the way that it has changed our ability to communicate with one another on a daily basis, has opened the creative door to m ...

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