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1 month ago

Attention Online Store Owners

Claus Lauter · Learn in this video Why Shopify might not be the right platform, What alternatives you have for a one product store and more. · 🚨 Attention Online Store Owners 👇 · Does your Shopify store convert at the maximum? 🛍️I bet I can find 3 conversion blockers costing you ecommerce sales ...

6 months ago

Chronicles From My Week With the Flu and Anxiety

John White, MBA · I had the flu this week. As I struggled to cope with the demands of my busy life, anxiety reared its ugly head. · I tried my best to stay in the light as the darkness tried to consum my every  thought. · ✔️I worried · ✔️I felt bad · ✔️I was stressed · ✔️I was battling on the insi ...

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