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1 month ago

Halloween Pet Safety Tips for Pet Parents

Jesse McDaniel · This Halloween, have a safe and fun party with your loved ones! So, stay safe and enjoy Halloween to the fullest! · Halloween Pet Safety Tips for Pet Parents in 2021 · Halloween is around the corner, and you must have made some exciting plans for it. Amidst all the Halloween cele ...

1 month ago

Easiest DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs in 2021

Jesse McDaniel · Halloween Scary Ghost CostumeWe’ve put together some of the trendiest DIY Halloween costumes for your dogs that you can couture easily at home. · View here · #Dogs #Halloween #PetOwner #Doglovers 

1 month ago

Halloween Sex Offender Laws in Utah

Craig Chlarson · Sex offenders must register with the police and stay away from certain places. But what about Halloween? Do they face additional penalties if they’re caught trick-or-treating or attending parties? Read this post to learn more.

1 year ago

Luna llena doble bozal

Cecilia Castelli · Hoy fue un buen día, salió el sol, veinticuatro grados, los borregos disfrazados para Halloween con las máscaras puestas, mascotas con trajes de abejas y yo, un tipa vestida de guerrera: sin bozal y con la última raya del verano puesta. Cheers! Llegó el fin de una era y el comien ...

1 year ago

Zombie Attack 4009

Cecilia Castelli · Hace aproximadamente siete meses que vengo conviviendo con los zombies, y a pesar de que todos los días cuento las horas que faltan para que se mueran—debido al uso compulsivo del bozal— de momento debo caminar por un mundo habitado por la esclavitud, la temerosidad, la fibra com ...

1 year ago


Cecilia Castelli · O yo estoy envejeciendo o encajar socialmente agotó mi pipeta intelectual. Demasiado ruido y poca sustancia. No fui la única en acordar con esta visión, mi querida amiga colombiana que se encontraba en la fiesta este sábado también sufre del mismo mal congénito que yo: tolerancia ...

3 years ago


Mark Blevins · (I changed the title because I realized this post is more about me not understanding what people do than The Holidays) · The other day I was playing chess and some guy walked up and started talking to me about the game. I told him it was my game not his and he could play the winn ...

4 years ago

Thoughts About The Holidays

Mark Blevins · I’ve had appointments in the morning this week and got to the coffee shop late. There was a different crowd than I’m used to seeing there. A couple of workers noticed me in there at a different time than usual. · The rain has been off and on this week. That’s normal for this are ...

4 years ago

A Fearsome Friday Funday!

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · Here in the U.S., we're about to celebrate a fun holiday -- Halloween, which is known throughout other parts of the world as All Hallows' Eve or All Saints' Eve. It's always the last day of October, and that will be next Tuesday night. · Kids of all ages dress up as ghouls, ghost ...

4 years ago


Mark Blevins · I saw some friends last week. They told me Friday the 13th was coming up and asked me if I was ready for it. I told them except for some horror movies I don’t even know what Friday the 13th is even about. · They laughed and said they just sit around watching old horror movies li ...

4 years ago

The Witch Is In

Cyndi wilkins · The Halloween Wars have begun in my neighborhood...Oh how I always loved spookin' out my yard for the big event;-) · I've been absent from the competition over the past couple of years being distracted by family matters...but it sure feels good to be back! · I was greeted by chee ...

5 years ago

Because Halloween means something else for everyone...

Virag🐝 G. · Up until three years ago Halloween and all the buzz of trick or treat were something I only saw in the American movies. As naive as it sounds, Halloween is not a festive everywhere. In fact, it is not even a 'thing' everywhere. · While its roots are in the Celtic Shamanism, most ...

5 years ago

Friday Fright Day -- Almost Halloween!

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · I know that Halloween is still a few days off, but I don't usually post fun stuff on Mondays. · So here are some offerings based on that frightful day that's coming up in the U.S. on Monday, October 31! · Fair warning! · Almost the scariest, if only because it's so true! · And f ...

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