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1 month ago

Peering through the glass

Greg Rolfe · Peering through the glass · As I sit staring at my screen this morning, I wonder about the why of it all. · I write because I desire to express my thoughts but then I often ask does anyone truly want to know my thoughts. · Are they useful to anyone? · After reviewing more than a ...

1 year ago


Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador · Dear Bees, I am happy that I have joined : · HighChloeCloud Georgia (United States) · WE ARE · Shaping the future with societal responsibility engagement. Highlight individuals, enterprises for employment, business. · Overview, here to help all bees and share your posts on our ...

1 year ago

The unprecedented value of a glass

Greg Rolfe · Have you ever stopped and simply pondered the amazing value of a glass? This object that is constructed out of a variety of materials but is still called a glass. We debate whether it is half full or half empty. We derive hours of debate on that very question, yet we are discussi ...

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