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2 weeks ago

Regalo de navidad

Cecilia Castelli · Buscar un lugar para vivir en Florida es como meterte en esas aplicaciones digitales para encontrar pareja, todos los buenos ya están tomados. Claro, los buenos no buscan, esperan que llegue. El problema con el inmueble es que no puedo esperar a que mi casa frente al mar · venga ...

4 weeks ago

'How Orwellian': Orlando Sentinel torches DeSantis taking the 'victory lap' as COVID infections drop in Florida

Francisco Lopez · 'How Orwellian': Orlando Sentinel torches DeSantis taking the 'victory lap' as COVID infections drop in Florida · The editorial board for a Florida-based newspaper had no qualms about expressing its disapproval of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in its fiery new essay.On Friday, Oc ...

1 month ago

vacation packages to popular destinations

Fares Match · Find the best deals on vacation packages to popular destinations in  #Hawaii #LasVegas #NewYorkCity #Bali #Florida #Orlando and #Jamaica  with · Explore Cheap Flights & Cheap Tickets Deals at Fares Match · economical airfare deals are possible for you at fares match by exploring ...

1 month ago

A worker in Florida applied to 60 entry-level jobs in September and got one interview

Francisco Lopez · A worker in Florida applied to 60 entry-level jobs in September and got one interview · Joey Holz, whose experiment went viral, told Insider he specifically applied to businesses that were publicly complaining of a worker shortage. · https://www.businessinsider.com/worker-applied ...

2 months ago

Post from Dryer Vent

Dryer Vent · We are the ultimate service provider for chimney cleaning Tampa in all surrounding Florida areas. Our company is placed at the top among all the companies. We have dedicated technicians who are always at your service. ·  

2 months ago

Post from Dryer Vent

Dryer Vent · Dryer Vent Cleaning Tampa FL has been considered the best service provider in all the areas of Florida. We have certified technicians who are ready to provide you a service at just one call. We have advanced technology tools with all the safety measures.  ·  

3 months ago


PD Scullin · Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis won't tolerate government interference.It seems The Republican Party is battling over who can be the most heartless, and in that showdown, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may be the champ. · While the Delta variant of COVID rages through the dong-shaped ...

4 months ago

The Scarcity Mentality

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · Source: pixabay.com   · Many people talk about the abundance mentality and how great it is, so I figured I'd do something different. After all, it's easy to talk about the merits of the light but not as easy to explore the darkness and incentivize others to leave it. So, in this ...

5 months ago

Post from Jeffrey Piccirillo

Jeffrey Piccirillo · Jeffrey Piccirillo - Crunchbase Person Profile · Dr. Jeffrey Piccirillo is the founder of Regenerative Medical Associates, based in Ocala, Florida. It is one of the leading providers of reg... · https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jeffrey-piccirillo

6 months ago

Florida My Heart

Cecilia Castelli ·   · Quisiera tener la habilidad para resumir mi primer mes de vida en Florida. Ya que venir del cementerio alegre de California, es haber habitado la muerte sin haber partido, no sé si me explico.  · Poder verle la cara a la gente, entrar a los supermercados sin bozal y manejar s ...

8 months ago

Deseo cumplido

Cecilia Castelli · Dicen que todo lo que estamos buscando nos está buscando a nosotros también. Lo que no te dicen es que para que te encuentre, tenés que irte de California. · Estoy esperando que alguien levante la copa para celebrar mi puñetera despedida de este infierno pavimentado con buenas in ...

9 months ago

Hisopados anales

Cecilia Castelli · Lo que estamos viviendo me recuerda a Les Luthiers, solamente que cuando empezó el show me lo pusieron a Jorge Corona en vez de el grupo humorístico para el que yo me subscribí. · No podemos decir que llegamos hasta acá por no ser los alumnos ejemplares mas idiotas del sistema s ...

10 months ago

Cambiar de estado

Cecilia Castelli · Uno de los grandes motivos que me impulsó a irme de Rosario—mi ciudad natal—fue el calor. Sumado a las desprolijidades del político de turno, la corrupción en la pirámide jerárquica de poderes y lo incivilizada que puede llegar a ser la gente cuando no llega a fin de mes. ¿Algo e ...

11 months ago

3 Reasons to Fight For a Global Wildlife Trade Ban

Suzanne Grandt · The global wildlife trade is a vast, multibillion-dollar industry, which has led to millions of animals being captured, killed, and trafficked every year. This awful practice places a great deal of pressure on thousands of species and is one of the leading factors endangering glo ...

1 year ago

5 Ideal Places to Live for Boaters

Brox Baxley · Are you an avid boater worried about your next boating excursion and next aboard for a while? Worry not, for these destinations will provide an ideal home for the next couple of months or your preferred time frame for savvy boaters. · What makes these places ideal? · Every destin ...

1 year ago

DeSantis Not Worried–– "Florida Doesn't Have Many Seniors"

PD Scullin · Many people questioned the wisdom of Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis’s decision to keep beaches, bars, and restaurants open during spring break during a global pandemic. · Now, as the cases of COVID-19 and deaths begin to skyrocket nationwide, DeSantis still isn’t doing much abou ...

2 years ago

Protecting Incarcerated Loved Ones in Florida: Inmate Injury and Wrongful Death

Robbie Newport ·                                                                                   cc from commons.wikimedia.org · Having a loved one placed in one of the 50 major correctional institutions in Florida is a difficult thing for families and friends; this difficulty is only exacerba ...

3 years ago

Alaskan Returns

Phil Friedman · SEATTLE YACHTS BUYS ALASKAN BRAND, CONTRACTS WITH FORMER PALMER JOHNSON CEO, PHIL FRIEDMAN, TO DIRECT RE-INTRODUCTION OF LEGENDARY LINE... · Jupiter, Florida — March 5, 2018. Peter Whiting, the Managing Partner of Seattle Northwest Yachts, LLC, announced today that his firm has p ...

3 years ago


Phil Friedman · "[By] the use of mooring facilities, boaters don’t unintentionally harm seagrass beds with their anchors, and due to the exceptional holding capacity of moorings, the vessels are well secured, protecting those vessels as well as shoreside infrastructure. · Martin County, Florida ...

4 years ago

The Joys of Running on Vacation

Brook Massey · Home » Joys of Running on Vacation · MAY 23, 2017 BY FAMILY TRAVEL ESCAPADES · The Colosseum in Rome at sunrise · The Joys of Running on Vacation · See More, Feel Better, Improve Your Travels · This is not about fitness.  Not really… Running on vacation is one of the things which ...

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