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1 month ago

30 Facts Need to Know COVID Cribsheet

Robbie Newport · 30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet · Kit Knightly We get a lot of e-mails and private messages along these lines “do you have a source for X?” or “can you point me to mask studies?” or “I know I saw a gra… · https://off-guardian.org/2021/09/22/30-facts-you-need-to-kn ...

5 months ago

Facts About Music Business Worldwide Your Teachers Wouldn't Tell You

Dealfigure Entertainment ·   ·   · Facts About Music Business If you are a serious musician, you may take your artistry on pinnacle of everything. There might also be instances when you had to receive gigs and offers which would possibly now not definitely translate into getting economic revenue, simply as ...

6 months ago

Post from paul wegman

paul wegman · Most intriguing Facts about Cats · Read these most interesting facts about cats to be more proud of being a cat lover. To know your kitty more, just keep observing her behavior to dig in some cooler things about her. · https://www.bestvetcare.com/blog/most-intriguing-facts-about- ...

6 months ago

Post from ali mehboob

ali mehboob · Plants are called the backbone of the ecosystem. They are called backbones. They produce large amounts of oxygen gas and how oxygen is so important for human breathing.  · Interesting Facts about Plant that you do not know? · 50 Interesting Facts about Plant that you do not know? ...

1 year ago

Some terrifying truths behind decision making

Greg Rolfe · I choose to read and watch a few arguments for and against mask wearing. Why you might ask, I was curious what people where thinking. After a while I noticed that very few if any on either side used actual facts. I found it very curious. The very vast majority simply said do as I ...

1 year ago

The prevalence of opinion

Greg Rolfe · We each have an opinion regardless of who we are. It is a simple truth that we make an opinion based on what we see or believe we know. We choose what we believe quickly, often based on what we desire to be true not what we might take the time to learn. · This opinion is then t ...

1 year ago

A moments reflection on shouting into the void

Greg Rolfe · Over the last few years I have discussed the topic of influence in multiple posts and I hope in different ways. Everything from what it is to how we can use it has been lifted up for your consideration. But the fact is simple we each have some and we use it regularly. So the ques ...

3 years ago

Did you communicate what you intended to this time?

Greg Rolfe · As we all know the vast majority of communication is nonverbal. Regardless of whether you hold to the 93% or the 55% with the 38% vocal tone position the fact is written communication does not contain those points of communication. So we must ask the question, does this matter? ...

3 years ago

Do you stand on the edge of who really cares?

Greg Rolfe · No I am not talking about suicide or depression but about being done with all the drama. Drama initiated from the media and friends. Drama induced at the coffee shop and other areas of social interaction. Do people truly want all this drama in their lives? To be honest I have eno ...

3 years ago

Building Your Brand: Why Stories Are Better Than Facts

Ryan Stoner · During my startup days I have personally been in situations where I have lost deals ONLY because I was unable to create the right value proposition for the audience. And I have met many startups who suck at storytelling. They might have a compelling product/ service, but haven’t ...

4 years ago

The truth is true, but are you sure?

Greg Rolfe · Does the truth matter? I mean let’s be honest, we all have our opinion of what should be or not be, so does the truth matter? I expect by now some of you are asking are we talking about the truth or facts. Truth is defined as 1) The body of real things, events, and facts 2) the p ...

4 years ago

Is the truth simply my perspective?

Greg Rolfe · How often are we asked to believe that an individual’s perspective is truth and their opinion is fact? One of the evidences of this trend is in the trend we see as #not my president, if this were indeed true the person speaking would not be a citizen which would then imply they h ...

4 years ago

Is my opponent truly stupid?

Greg Rolfe · Lately on social media and other sharing groups we are seeing a vast array of hate speech. Yes it is sometimes cloaked in “polite” terms but hate is the point. Now to be honest I expect many of these posts are intended to “wake” up those who read these posts. We all know this nev ...

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