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1 year ago

Nissan Chief Executive Reveals Remorse and Accountability in Face of Failed Expectations

Michael Toebe · (Image by thisguyhere from Pixabay) · Give Makoto Uchida credit. With Nissan sustaining a $6.3 billion loss for the fiscal year, its first deficit since 2008/09, the president and CEO of the Japanese-based automaker knew he must, with honor, own the dishonor of his shortcomings i ...

1 year ago


Greg Rolfe · For the last few weeks we have seen an increased outcry against this forced isolation. But to be realistic is it not just a symptom of the reality of our lives? Yes it is true our leaders have forced an outward isolation of a kind upon us, but has we not already created a style o ...

1 year ago

Corona Crazy

Greg Rolfe · Corona Crazy · Now I ask that you not become offended by my title. It just appears that many are reacting to this virus in a way that is normally associated with being over the top or crazy. So in an attempt to add a little balance to the massive wash of posts inundating the soci ...

1 year ago

How The Younger Generation Is Changing The Face Of Philanthropy

Peter Palivos Attorney · The newest wave of young billionaires is beginning to shake up the way philanthropy works. Many of them are finding ways to make philanthropy more hands-on and transparent, and are devoting their time and skills in a way previous generations hadn’t. These trends will likely only ...

4 years ago

One great way to improve your meetings

Greg Rolfe · Have an agenda. Now I know what you are thinking, I have an agenda. Most likely you have an intended program for your meeting. You have a list of things you want to accomplish. You intend to gain information and ask some relevant questions. And yes these are good things to accom ...

4 years ago

How To Turn Leads Into Sales

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · Knowing how to generate leads is not enough, in fact, it is NEVER enough. That’s why many people who spend lots of time and money in leads generation eventually give up.  This was the hardest for me to understand when I first began marketing. · As I mentioned, the key is in what ...

5 years ago

Share With Me

Michael D. Davis · Our ability to share with one another is amazing in the modern era . We can communicate instantaneously, anywhere and any time. Yet we are more isolated than ever. We don't share in person, face to face, with eye contact, body language and an honest voice. Instead we toss our ...

5 years ago

How's Your Day So Far?

Michael D. Davis · Happy Monday everyone! And I do write this with a genuine smile on my face and in my heart. It's the topic of #thedailychalkboard actually! Go here if you have trouble reading this image: http://thedailychalkboard.tumblr.com/ With a Smile, #michaelddavis

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