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2 months ago

Why Exercise Is So Important For Arthritis Patients | Max Swahn

Max Swahn · Arthritis is a painful condition that can make exercising difficult. Many arthritis patients fall into a lifestyle of total inactivity. However, exercise is too valuable for health and well being to be entirely neglected. Even more importantly, working out is actually one of the ...

2 months ago

Working out the Right Way: Proper Form is Key | Max Swahn

Max Swahn ·   · Whether you are a beginner or a professional, male or female, young or old, there is a right way and a wrong way to work out.  You may be hitting the gym to get healthy, achieve a particular body physique, prepare for a competition, recover from an injury, or simply to reliev ...

5 months ago

Post from Bab Mijieah Eagle

Bab Mijieah Eagle · What happens if you don't do any exercise? · You the universe: The Life Engineering Coaching material,The self awareness course material, making you what you must be, promoting Global Peace · https://www.youtheuniverse379.com/2020/09/what-happens-if-you-dont-do-any-exercise.html

5 months ago

Making The Most of Your Rest Days

Frank Michelin · When planning a workout program, it’s typical to organize your workouts by the week. For example, you may lift weights three days a week and then perform cardio on the other two days within a five-day program. The two days in-between are considered your “rest” days. But what exac ...

8 months ago

Brisk Walking: Why This Exercise Helps Prevent Elderly Heart Disease

Matt Dapore · As people age, their bodies don’t work as efficiently. In fact, getting older increases the likelihood of sedimentary behavior, which leads to health complications. · Obviously, exercise is an important aspect of everyone’s life, especially for elderly people. The problem is, man ...

10 months ago

Want to Get Back Into Writing? 5 Exercises to Jolt Your Creativity

Richard Foster · Whether you’ve hit a sudden bout of writer’s block or you’re in the middle of a writing hiatus, feeling like you don’t have motivation or inspiration can weigh you down. For struggling writers, sometimes the best thing to do to jolt your creativity and get back into the writing s ...

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