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2 days ago
Don Hornsby

Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene. - (A. C. Benson)

Don Hornsby ·   · What can you change about yourself today that will change your environment? · #TodayMatters #Leadership #Success #ThurdsayMotivation #Change

2 days ago
norman stokes

How E-Waste Negatively Impacts the Environment and Human Health

norman stokes · Improperly disposed of electronic waste has dire consequences on human and environmental health. Thus, it is vital to use local electronic recycling services. Read more here to know more:

1 month ago
Clairbourn School

Post of Clairbourn School

Clairbourn School · Nurture Your Child In Supportive Environment Of Private School In Pasadena - Clairbourn School · Clairbourn School is best known for its educational curriculum and supportive environment as a private school in Pasadena. Clairbourn gives several opportunities to all students in ac ...

1 month ago
Injured Gadgets

The ultimate guide to purchasing a refurbished phone

Injured Gadgets · Refurbished mobile phones are good for the environment as well as your wallet. These kinds of phones are affordable and come with various features and designs to fit any budget. However, keep in mind several things when you buy refurbished devices. Otherwise, they may get very co ...

3 months ago
Solarise Solar

Post of Solarise Solar

Solarise Solar · Save money, time & the environment. If you are planning to go solar Contact our solar experts at Solarise

1 year ago
Steven Marshall

Head or Heart - How Best to lead?

Steven Marshall · This piece by Marcel Schwantes in Inc. intrigued to reflect on my own leadership skills and if I was able to use these 3 skills in my own career as a leader. · Have you ever worked for a · leader · who was so inspiring and gifted, your memories of how he or she took care of the ...

1 year ago
Andrew Elsoffer

Discover the Benefits of Ecotourism

Andrew Elsoffer · Ecotourism is defined as traveling responsibly to natural areas, contributing to the conservation of the environment as a respectful guest of the local community. The education and ultimate understanding of a new eco-system is one of many benefits. Also known as sustainable touri ...

1 year ago
Rod Shegem

Why Hybrid Cars Are Not Better For The Environment

Rod Shegem · Hybrid cars are promoted by their makers and environmental advocates for being cleaner, greener and better for the planet than traditional cars with internal combustion engines. But a closer look quickly reveals that hybrid cars, those that run primarily on electricity, may not b ...

2 years ago
Joseph Sprute

Aura-Tech: Telepathy

Joseph Sprute · Fundamentals · HELP: Energy .. C=R*P/M (Humble Ego Listen Protect) Sensory EvaluationUSE: Love .. A=C(ME)²³ (Instruct Aura Motion Vote) Capacity GarnishmentENERGY: Human .. E=MC² (Conscious Subconscious Unconscious Intuit) Matter ConstantsLAW: Light .. C=SU (Natural Supernatural ...

2 years ago
Rod Shegem

The Effect of Plastic Wrap on the Environment

Rod Shegem · Plastic wrap is easily one of the most common household items. All though it is quite the lifesaver when keeping foods fresh, it is killing the environment. It’s not breaking-news that pollution has had detrimental effects on the planet, but not many people have done a lot to cha ...

2 years ago
Robbie Newport

What's the Right Environment to Meet People in San Diego?

Robbie Newport ·                                                                                              cc from pixabay.com · San Diego is a beautiful place to live with a ton of things to do, yet this doesn't mean it's an easy place to meet new people and make meaningful connections. Mos ...

2 years ago
Robbie Newport

5 Ways Sober Living in Chicago is Made Easier in a Recovery House

Robbie Newport ·                                                                                           cc from commons.wikimedia.org                                                                              · While staying sober from a destructive addiction isn't easy, by choosing to live ...

4 years ago
Mark Blevins

On The Environment And The Pipeline

Mark Blevins · I post a lot of things online about the environment. Today I’m writing about the Pipeline Protest the Lakota have organized at Standing Rock. · An elder from Standing Rock, Gloria Johnson, used her influence to get the Lakota to adopt me when I lost everything in the recession an ...

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