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3 months ago

Peter Veldhuizen Sydney Australia Do entrepreneurs have to be creative?

Peter Veldhuizen · Peter Veldhuizen The main goal of an entrepreneur is to find creative and original solutions to problems. · It should be clarified that each individual has their own sense of creativity and a unique way of doing things, which means that each person has their own vision about art, ...

5 months ago

Javad nezam doost

Yaqin Company · Javad Nezam Doost is an entrepreneur from Iran. He is a very successful person. He is also working in cyberspace. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Iran and Asia.is very good entrepreneur

10 months ago
1 year ago

6 Tips to Help Female Entrepreneurs Stick to their Business Resolutions

Tineke Rensen · #business · #entrepreneur · #femaleentrepreneurs · #client · Do you make new year resolutions for your business? Many of us make personal resolutions, but is it necessary to make ones for our business? Absolutely! Much like individual new year’s resolutions, business resolutio ...

1 year ago

8 Tips to Grow your Audience as a Female Entrepreneur

Tineke Rensen · As female entrepreneurs, we know that social media plays a big role in promoting our businesses. For it to be effective, you need an audience to market your products or services to. And the bigger your audience is, the more potential clients you can reach. · But we all know how d ...

1 year ago

The best ways for female entrepreneurs to scale their business

Tineke Rensen · Business competition today is fierce and female entrepreneurs do their best to succeed in the masculine business arena. Scaling a business initially is never an easy task for female entrepreneurs. However, their intuition and wisdom will guide them to find the right strategies to ...

1 year ago

How to get your first testimonial as a female entrepreneur

Tineke Rensen · When you are a female entrepreneur with a new business, I know it can be a challenge to get your name out there. It takes constant marketing just to be able to get recognized by potential customers. It’s a different case altogether to get them to trust you and buy from you. It’s ...

1 year ago

How female entrepreneurs should train their VA

Tineke Rensen · When you are a female entrepreneur creating a team, hiring team members is only the beginning of the process. If you want to build a strong team, you need to train them. Research shows that training gives your employees the information they need to be able to perform at the requi ...

1 year ago

How to build a strong team and why they need one

Tineke Rensen · As a female entrepreneur, I’m sure you have been conditioned to work hard and do everything on your own. Especially when you’re starting out and you want to cut on costs. But as your business grows and your tasks multiply, you’re probably asking yourself: “Do I need a team, or do ...

1 year ago

Where To Get Help And Support As A Female Entrepreneur

Tineke Rensen · As a business coach for female entrepreneurs, I’ve met many businesswomen who are reluctant to seek help and support. This can be because, as a woman, we are used to being strong-willed and self-sufficient. It’s just not in our nature to admit weakness or loss. But this kind of a ...

1 year ago

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Start Setting Financial Goals

Tineke Rensen · Keeping finances in check plays a major part in running a successful business, especially for female entrepreneurs. Proper finance management ensures the development of any business and prevents it from crumbling before even hitting its peak. · However, many females entrepreneurs ...

1 year ago

Trends That Will Define the Future of Business

Opeyemi Odeyale · As an entrepreneur or a business owner, you often sit back and think about trends that will impact your business. Depending on your business, trends can either bring more significant opportunities or get in the way of some of your business. As an entrepreneur, it is vital to have ...

1 year ago

Never let someone's opinion of you determine your future

John White, MBA · When they fired me and HR walked me out holding nothing but a box with my stuff in it, people said, "what a loser." · When I told people I wanted to become a writer, people said, "but you've never written anything. Nobody will publish you." · When I told people about my dreams to ...

2 years ago

Entrepreneurs: 5 Tips to Boost Your Energy Throughout the Workday

Michael E Parker · One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is not having a boss breathing down your neck or dictating your every moment. Conversely, however, not having a boss can make it difficult sometimes for entrepreneurs to stay focused and get done what they need to do. Keeping your ener ...

2 years ago

How Entrepreneurs Can Revive Their Motivation After a Burnout

Jorge Alberto Lloreda · Entrepreneurs experience burnout because navigating the business world is often difficult and stressful. Founders put pressure on themselves to do well. There is also an immense amount of competition that keeps everyone on edge. The most common sign of burnout is exhaustion beyon ...

2 years ago

Self-Care Tips Entrepreneurs Cannot Forget

Michael E Parker · Entrepreneurs often think about everything other than themselves. It can be tempting to work 16-hour days and try to cram a whole evening and night into the remaining 8 hours of the day. However, entrepreneurs who overwork themselves often neglect key areas of their health that c ...

2 years ago

Common Misconceptions About Entrepreneurship

Matt Dapore · In today’s workforce, more professionals are looking to enter entrepreneurship as part of their career goals. Entrepreneurship has become increasingly important in today’s business world and is expected to continue growing in the coming years. While entrepreneurship has become mo ...

2 years ago

Retaining Employees During the COVID crisis as an Entrepreneur

Jorge Alberto Lloreda · Entrepreneurs are known for being passionate about their product or service. They believe in their ideas and fully nurture and support them. In some cases, they are also shrewd businessmen, knowing the importance of a smart marketing campaign and the flow of supply and demand. On ...

2 years ago

What Matters More As An Entrepreneur: Business or Passion?

Jorge Alberto Lloreda · Most entrepreneurs are people who strongly believe in their product or service. They feel very passionately that their contribution might make a difference in the world. As far as personalities go, the people who turn towards entrepreneurship are not motivated by power, money, or ...

2 years ago

What To Know Before Entering Entrepreneurship

Matt Dapore · Entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly common among today’s workforce and is expected to continue growing in the coming years. With more businesses to compete against, working as an entrepreneur can be both a challenging and rewarding career. If you are thinking about entering ...

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