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4 months ago

Principles of Engineering

Mohammed Abdul Jawad ·   · FREE COURSE - FREE CERTIFICATE ·   · FREE ONLINE COURSE (with a PDF Certificate of Achievement to prove your success when you’re eligible) ·   · Duration: 4 weeks ·   · Sign in to register and enroll for the course  ·   · Gain a fascinating introduction to engineering princip ...

4 months ago

The Kid That Used to Create Stuff

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · Source: pixabay.com We all know that kid. It used to occupy himself (or herself) creatively. Boredom was a blessing more than a curse, a chance for him to create something new and have something to show to his parents or whatever legal guardian he had. Long before specializations ...

4 years ago

The Portable Boatyard

Phil Friedman · PHIL FRIEDMAN, MARINE INDUSTRY CONSULTANT AND FORMER CEO OF LUXURY YACHT BUILDER, PALMER JOHNSON, SPEAKS TO TRADE ONLY TODAY ABOUT HIS JOURNEY · Never once during a span of some three decades have I ever regretted making the decision to pursue a career "messing about with boats". ...

4 years ago

Small Solutions... Big Results (No. 1)

Phil Friedman · THE FIRST IN A SERIES OF RETROSPECTIVES THAT LOOK BACK AT THREE DECADES OF FINDING VALUE-ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS... · Preface:  This article begins a series that looks back at various value-engineered solutions to problems encountered by the author in the course of several decades ...

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