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2 years ago

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for. — (Zig Ziglar)

Don Hornsby · How can you express more gratitude for what you have today? · #TodayMatters #Thanksgiving #Gratitude #PersonalGrowth #Leadership 

2 years ago

Personal Finance Psychology to Practice

Bryan Dunst · Finance psychology is the study of the mind towards saving, spending, and investing decisions. Financial decisions are tied down in mind and significantly impact an individual’s psychological health and wellness. Therefore, it is an area of concern affecting several individuals. ...

3 years ago

Building Emotional Strength for a Satisfying Life

Davia Ward · Inner strength is a requirement if a person wishes to lead a productive and happy life. Even when there are times--to use the words of Thomas Paine, "that try men's souls"--those instances in which a person feels weakened and barely holding on to self-control, there are ways to b ...

5 years ago

I stand at the door and knock

Greg Rolfe · In Revelation 3:20 Jesus makes this statement, asking who will answer the door. In our own lives we too come to the same position, we wonder who will answer if we knock. Who will ask us in and share their lives with us. These moments of wonder and often frustration can result in ...

5 years ago

Love respect and the thoughts and intents of the heart

Greg Rolfe · We all know that God judges based on our thoughts and intents Hebrews 4:12. So in fact He is the only one who judges rightly. But when it comes to marriage we believe we can do the same. And this is due to one truly strange but significant reality. Love is demonstrated as a verb ...

6 years ago

Ghostwriting and Other AdVentures

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · I’m in business. I’ve landed my first client for ghostwriting blog posts. If I do well, I hope this will translate into more. Thank you, Javier 🐝 beBee, for giving me a chance to showcase my writing. · My first client is a lawyer. I will have to research topics I have proposed he ...

6 years ago

OMG, is it Serious, Maybe

Harvey Lloyd · Big data and the use by marketing (or spin if you count politics) is fudging the line of concern and serious. · From healthcare, · national security and the deodorant we use, high emotion is now attached and would have you believe something is wrong with you or your environment ...

6 years ago

Have you packed your parachute?

Greg Rolfe · Each of us have our own areas that cause us to stop, we most often call them fears. Fear of falling, fear of confined spaces, fear of failure, and fear of stepping to far past our safe zone to name but a glimpse. And while I agree the concept fear is very beneficial to survival i ...

6 years ago

Standing on the precipice

Greg Rolfe · If you are involved even a little on any social platform you have noticed a vast barrage of hate and frustration. Post after post spewing hate and anger. Many of these posts are answered by supporters and opposition with many of the responses holding greater expressions of anger ...

6 years ago

How to Turn Business Obstacles into Opportunities

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · This is a great video of How Tony Robbins changes the mindset of this business owner.  So many people accept limitations in the world, when they have no proof of them.  So they give up or quit, because they already believe it. · Remember, these three steps he shared: · 1. Find th ...

7 years ago

Carpe Diem

Greg Rolfe · I had the privilege of performing a marriage last week and even had a little adventure on the way home. I got lost then entered into an episode of the Twilight zone. When all things were said and done I made it home a little late but safe and sound. · The reality of life is that ...

7 years ago

Working with people

Greg Rolfe · While I love my job there are times it is very frustrating. Why because I work with people. And people are often of great intent but faulty reasoning. We let emotions translate information instead of logic and reason. We let opinion overrule fact. Then my job is to clean it up. · ...

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