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3 weeks ago

Interesting article on ed tech (2 out of 3)

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · How Data Science Is Relevant and Invaluable in the Education Sector — Part 2 out of 3 · Potential Insights We Can Derive with Data Science / Analytics · https://spherexr.medium.com/how-data-science-is-relevant-and-invaluable-in-the-education-sector-part-2-out-of-3-c89df47771a4 · ...

3 weeks ago

Interesting ed platform for tech people

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · #data  #education  #technology  #online · How to use PebbleU · Subscribe to PebbleU for unlimited access to hundreds of books and videos within one of five career-focused packages: Data Architecture and Modeling, Busines... · https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF9BsSPEbxE

1 month ago

Facebook's Recent Issues and the Need for More Privacy

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · Source: pixabay.com · Brief Overview of What's Happened · It’s no secret that Facebook has been on a losing streak lately. Not something you would expect from a prestigious tech company that’s become a household name for years now. Then again, we live in bizarre times where lots ...

5 months ago

Post from Shawez Shaikh

Shawez Shaikh · Most Common LMS Software Mistakes to Avoid- · Top Things Shouldn't Miss While Developing LMS System for Education · Are you in the process of creating a LMS Software for Educational purpose? Or just about to start? So, keep top things in mind when developing learning management ...

11 months ago

Utilizing Online Education to Develop Professionally

Carlos Osvaldo Cortez · Online education has never been as significant to students as it has become this year during the pandemic. Through online courses, students have been able to continue their educations, albeit, with a few annoyances and hardships. However, the fact remains that 2020 has helped man ...

1 year ago


PD Scullin · Although Betsy DeVos attended Calvin University, the Secretary of Education doesn’t cotton much to book learnin’. · “It’s all a bunch of hibbly-jibbly,” the woman in charge of educating America’s children told The Lint Screen. “There are things you learn in the medical laboratory ...

1 year ago

How to Begin Saving for College

Victor Notaro · As a parent, one of your biggest dreams for them is to attend college. Since you attended school, the price of tuition has skyrocketed. Every day there are new articles and stories warning how expensive college is and the amount of debt that students are in because of it. This is ...

3 years ago

The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA) PRESS RELEASE, beBee Brand Ambassador BILL STANKIEWICZ joins GMA

Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador · Atlanta, GA -- The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA) is pleased to announce the addition of Bill Stankiewicz as the Coastal Chapter Director for GMA. Mr. Stankiewicz is a Supply Chain Consultant in the Savannah area and has over 20 years experience in Industrial Facility Opera ...

3 years ago

Work Does Not Have to be a Four Letter Word

Wayne Yoshida · The Importance of Hobbies and Extra-Curricular Activities · I often meet people who talk about their dissatisfaction with work. I find this curious because I have always worked in industries, companies and products that match my personal passions. I ask them why they torture them ...

4 years ago

Invitations Such As This to Commit Academic Fraud Are ...

Phil Friedman · NOT ONLY ETHICALLY REPREHENSIBLE BUT GENERALLY PRAGMATICALLY STUPID ... · Notice that the "author" of this offer to help you cheat on school writing assignments makes more than eight substantive grammatical and style errors in the first run-on sentence of this introduction to his ...

4 years ago

Find A Way

Mark Blevins · I've been watching the news before I take off in the morning. It seems to me like the news media has nothing good to say about Mr. Trump. There are things like people not wanting to be on his cabinet, he still only has a few people on his cabinet to run things like the Department ...

4 years ago

My Friend's Letter: Lack of Funding is Leaving Children Behind

Gloria (Glo) Ochoa · Im sharing this post for my good friend Ashli Cox. I felt it was worth sharing. · Anyone that loves someone that has a hard time in school will understand. · Maybe sharing her letter will get it the attention it deserves--in my opinion. · Having had a hard time in school mysel ...

5 years ago

Retail Intelligence: Profit from Education II

Matt Sweetwood · Published on Digital Imaging Reporter 10/12/16 · In my previous Retail Intelligence column, “Profit from Education: How to Build a Successful In-Store Education Program,” I discussed the steps needed to design a classroom space and how to go about filling the instructor role in a ...

5 years ago

The Price Of An Education

Michael D. Davis · Let me state for the record that I am a firm believer in a system of free higher education that is sanctioned and subsidized by a network of passionate independent and corporate benefactors. There's just something that seems wrong with a system of education that requires the lear ...

5 years ago

Retail Intelligence: Profit from Education

Matt Sweetwood · Published on Digital Imaging Reporter 7/29/16 · In 2006 I realized our photo distribution business at Unique Photo was in serious jeopardy. The conventional model of selling film, paper, chemistry and photographic accessories to photo retailers was no longer working. The number o ...

5 years ago

The Life Squared Challenge Part 4 - Raising Your Windows

Michael D. Davis · During part 3 of your Life Squared Challenge you were presented with the idea of setting footers on your foundation as support for what will come next. These footers, Abilities, Hope, Education and Discipline sit at the outer edges of your supporting foundation like so: · Remembe ...

5 years ago

The Life Squared Challenge Part 3 – Building Your Support Footings

Michael D. Davis · In part 2 of your Life Squared Challenge we discussed the importance of having a solid foundation upon which to create a plan for life achievement and balance. The metaphor that we’re using is that of building a physical structure. The idea is to make it easy to mentally visualiz ...

5 years ago

The Definition of “it.” I wonder what Horace would have to say?

Joel Anderson · I wonder what would happen, if we could transport Horace into the present and have him take some time to look at some of the more interesting "it" going on in our world.  I wonder if we would be alarmed, amused, perplexed or indifferent on his take about a whole lot of this “it” ...

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