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11 months ago

How Charities Can Turn Volunteers Into Donors

Steve Maleh · Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofits. Not only do they contribute time, but many volunteers contribute monetarily to the organizations they support. According to the International AFP conference, the average volunteer is four times as likely to donate. And they typical ...

1 year ago

Attracting Donors To Your Nonprofit

Peter Palivos Attorney · With a wide array of worthwhile causes to support and an even wider array of channels to reach potential donors, nonprofits are forced to compete with each other, even if they aren’t contributing to the same charitable cause. With a lot of noise in the industry and a limited pool ...

2 years ago

Tips For Donor Advised Funds

Peter Palivos Attorney · One of the most popular tools being used in charitable giving right now is donor-advised funds. They allow donors to make a charitable donation, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants from the fund over time. Donors are allowed to contribute to the fund as ...

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