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1 year ago

El maravilloso mundo de Disney

Cecilia Castelli · Para todos los que defienden la esclavitud y la pérdida de libertad, se agregó un canapé más a la bandeja política: los incendios. · Te generaron terror sanitario manipulando tu salud, te fundieron tu negocio, te quieren chutar una vacuna obligatoria que altera tu ADN y te están ...

1 year ago

How the Mergers and Acquisitions of the 2010s Will Influence the 2020s

Brox Baxley · If the 2000s were all about disruption and new solutions in the business world, the 2010s were something of a period of consolidation. Big companies in industries from pharmaceuticals, to entertainment and telecommunications, came together to create huge conglomerates. · In the w ...

2 years ago

Disney TransAtlantic Cruise Review

Brook Massey · Disney TransAtlantic Cruise Review · Sailing the Seas with Captain Mickey! · Each May, Disney Cruise Line sends the Disney Magic across the Atlantic, where it will spend the summer touring Europe. · This thirteen night cruise sets sail from Miami, Florida and ends in Barcelona, S ...

4 years ago

Reasons We Love Christmas at Disney World

Brook Massey · The Top Ten Reasons · We Love Christmas At Disney World! · This year will make seven years straight that we have spent part of the Christmas season at Walt Disney World.  We have visited Disney World during most times of the year.  Christmas remains our favorite.  It has become a ...

4 years ago

What You Need to Know About Each Cruise Line

Brook Massey · What You Need to Know · about Each Cruise Line · How do you choose which cruise line to sail? · There are many options, and each is different. · With a little insight, the decision will not be as difficult. · While cruising may not be for everyone, most people love it. · Budge ...

4 years ago

The Many Disney World Transportation Options - by Land, Air, or Sea

Brook Massey · FAMILY TRAVEL ESCAPADES The Many Disney World · Transportation Options · by Land, · Air, or Sea · Walt Disney World spreads over a huge area in central Florida. · With four resort parks, two water parks, numerous hotels, a campground, golf courses, the Wide World of Sports comp ...

4 years ago

Coming Soon to Disney World

Brook Massey · FAMILY TRAVEL ESCAPADESBig Improvements and More Fun · Coming Soon to Disney World · Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has some big things in store. · Earlier this year, Animal Kingdom resort premiered Pandora – The World of Avatar. · The park expanded its hours into the eve ...

4 years ago

Stroll Along Disney's Boardwalk

Brook Massey · Join me as I stroll along Disney’s Boardwalk.  See what Disney’s Boardwalk Inn & Villas have to offer, and why it is the favorite Walt Disney Resort for many. · https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SQRZ1eRvcQ&t=51s · Click on the link above and enjoy the views of the Boardwalk and of ...

4 years ago

Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Villas Review

Brook Massey · Step back in time and onto the Atlantic City boardwalk circa 1900.  Smell the coffee and bakery.  Watch street performers.  Shop.  Play games.  Go dancing.  Or, just take a stroll along the water.  Disney’s Boardwalk Inn & Villas will take you there. · Disney’s Boardwalk Inn & Vi ...

5 years ago

Inspirational Dream Building Quotes

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven ·   · Spending time dreaming is not the waste of time some would have you believe. Daydreaming, more than anything else, can stoke your creative energy and amp you back up. It's vital to your overall mental, emotional and physical health, and neuroscientists have found dreaming ...

5 years ago

Day 7 Disney Fantasy Caribbean Cruise - Castaway Cay

Brook Massey · Day 7 Disney Fantasy Cruise · Castaway Cay · FAMILY TRAVEL ESCAPADES · On Day 7 Disney Fantasy Cruise of the Western Caribbean, we would enjoy our last day at Disney’s own Bahama Island, Castaway Cay. · Castaway Cay 5K · Every time a Disney Cruise Line ship stops at Castaway Cay, ...

5 years ago

Day 1 Disney Fantasy Caribbean Cruise

Brook Massey · FAMILY TRAVEL ESCAPADES · Day 1 Disney Fantasy Cruise · (Originally posted on May 7, 2016) Last week we sailed aboard the Disney Fantasy on a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise.  WiFi at sea is quite expensive and honestly, we had better things to do than blog.  So, this week we will ...

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