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4 weeks ago

vacation packages to popular destinations

Fares Match · Find the best deals on vacation packages to popular destinations in  #Hawaii #LasVegas #NewYorkCity #Bali #Florida #Orlando and #Jamaica  with · Explore Cheap Flights & Cheap Tickets Deals at Fares Match · economical airfare deals are possible for you at fares match by exploring ...

2 years ago

The truth about Heaven and Hell

Greg Rolfe · It appears that there are actually a couple of people who read my posts. So I thought I should be straight forward and honest. · If you do not believe in Heaven or Hell I am sorry but your position does not change the facts. Heaven and Hell exist. They are the only two destinati ...

5 years ago

Social Media Is a Highway, Not a Destination

Phil Friedman · If You're On Social Media, It Should Be For a Purpose, · Not as an End In Itself · Just about everyone I've met since joining the LinkedIn community has his or her own set of reasons for being part of its pretty unique milieu. For example, some come to network and look for empl ...

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