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3 weeks ago

Why you need an Experiential Marketing Agency for your brand activation?

Factory360 Experiential Marketing Agency · Brand activation is very important to gain potential customers as it is the only way of creating awareness about your products to the people. Many companies provide you with the services of brand activation by marketing. Read our post to know why there is a need for an experiment ...

4 weeks ago

Get It Fixed, Then Clam Up!

Steve DiGioia · In the service industry, problems happen every day. An employee makes a mistake, and the customer is, at best, disappointed. Or angry, at worst. It’s inevitable. It happens. It’s part of any operation that has many “moving” parts. “Service recovery”, a company’s resolution of a p ...

1 month ago

Help Your Customers Connect with Your Brand With Experiential Marketing

Factory360 Experiential Marketing Agency · The world is becoming more digital with every passing day. People prefer to shop digitally. There are some aspects that a brand needs to gain a customer and influence their purchasing decision. Experimental marketing is a way to do so. Read our article and get details about conne ...

1 month ago

Should We Expect WOW Service?

Steve DiGioia · [NEW POST] Customer service gurus, trainers, and authors always talk about going above and beyond for the customer and finding ways to create an “experience”. I too have said the same thing many times before. But are we wrong? Is it too much to expect a business to do more than w ...

1 month ago

Onsite Corporate Training for ASE2000 / DNP3

ASE Systems · We are now restarting accepting bookings for ASE2000 V2 and DNP3 Corporate Onsite Training at customer sites, subject to compliance with COVID19 Guidelines of the Customer, Local Regulations, and ASE Policies.

2 months ago

Post from Factory360 Experiential Marketing Agency

Factory360 Experiential Marketing Agency · Understanding the Distinct Kinds of Experiential Marketing · Experiential marketing services help engage customers with the brand actively and build brand credibility. Read Our Blog to know about different kinds of experiential marketing:  ·  

3 months ago

Post from Steve DiGioia

Steve DiGioia · Did you get my #TipsOnThursday this morning? You didn't? Let's fix that quickly. Click here to subscribe today! https://lnkd.in/dsPG9E6

3 months ago

Real Estate Diary

Real Estate Diary · Real Estate Diary understands our customers and their needs, Real Estate Diary knows what you exactly need. Our clients are always satisfied with our services since we have prior experience in this field. We are continuously improving ourselves to offer the best services to our c ...

3 months ago

Post from Bad Boys Bail Bonds

Bad Boys Bail Bonds · Here’s a quick guide to bail bond agent associations for customers who are looking for bail bonds in Utah. ·  

3 months ago

How to get your first testimonial as a female entrepreneur

Tineke Rensen · When you are a female entrepreneur with a new business, I know it can be a challenge to get your name out there. It takes constant marketing just to be able to get recognized by potential customers. It’s a different case altogether to get them to trust you and buy from you. It’s ...

3 months ago

Post from Steve DiGioia

Steve DiGioia · Do You Practice? #TipsOnThursday #204 · Baseball players do it. Musicians do it. Actors do it. Do YOU? · If we wish to get better at anything we do, we must take steps to improve. Just because we’re in the customer service industry and deal with customers each day, it doesn’t mea ...

5 months ago

Post from BotPenguin - AI Chatbot For Website

BotPenguin - AI Chatbot For Website · The Chatbot for customer service is pretty much the digital marketplace’s future. I’m sure building one for yourself is on your project list. Here is more: · Top 10 AI Chatbot for Customer Service - BotPenguin · The Top 10 AI chatbot for customer service . Her is the list of bes ...

6 months ago

7 Benefits of online booking for your tour & activity business

Captain Panel · The internet has become an invaluable tool in the development of the booking process. The growth of the industry in this modern era ushered in the need for faster, convenient, and reliable booking systems. Online booking steered many businesses, especially tour and activity compa ...

6 months ago

Post from Factory360 Experiential Marketing Agency

Factory360 Experiential Marketing Agency · Why Experiential Marketing Is Awesome? ·   · Experiential marketing plays an important role when it comes to the success of your business. · Why Experiential Marketing Is Awesome? · Experiential marketing services involves face to face interaction to raise brand awareness, to nur ...

1 year ago

Navigating Your Business Through the Uncertain Times of COVID

Stuart Frost Laguna Niguel · Covid 19 has adversely affected small businesses. Businesses that are planning to reopen will still face challenges and harsh conditions. However, it is possible to navigate the devastating markets. Here are some ideas on how to navigate a business during this covid period. · Ide ...

1 year ago

Focusing on Brand Reputation

Stuart Frost Laguna Niguel · A good brand reputation is more important than marketing and advertising. Clients believe in experience and reviews more than any other marketing content. Once a bad review is noted, customers lose trust in the goods or services being offered. Below are the reasons why businesses ...

1 year ago

This May Be A BIG Reason Why Your Leads Are Not Becoming Customers

Edwin Dearborn · If buyers were fully aware of the extent of their problem, knew what they needed and had the internal awareness to make the purchase to resolved their challenges, they would have already initiated a positive change. · To find the real buyers that are hidden within your marketing’ ...

2 years ago

What Is "Brand Identity"?

Edwin Dearborn · The core elements of what we traditionally have referred to as a “brand” are contained within its visible “brand identity.” The components of the brand identity are created by the business itself. In other words, brand identity is the way in which a business wants its potential c ...

2 years ago

The Power of One Customer

Edwin Dearborn · In a Harvard Business Review article on "The One Number You Need to Grow," Fred Reichheld wrote that, "the value of any one customer does not reside only in what that person buys ... what they are prepared to tell others about you can influence your revenues and profits just as m ...

4 years ago

Credibility = More Customers

Edwin Dearborn · Credibility = More Customers · Credibility is one of the most important assets you possess as a brand. · Building credibility is a vital strategy to deploy for your branding, content marketing, and sales efforts. To build credibility you must demonstrate your knowledge, care for ...

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