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5 years ago

3 Indredients Serial: Episode 8

Teagan Geneviene · Peas, Noodles, · Lemon · As you know by now, this is a spontaneously written culinary mystery serial that I originally posted at my WordPress blog, "Teagan's Books." · That's where you can also read (and/or read about) my current stories, including this feature I was honored to h ...

5 years ago

3 Ingredients Serial: Episode 5

Teagan Geneviene · Three Ingredients, Cookbook-1: Murder at the Bijou  · Welcome back. I'm re-posting another episode of this completely spontaneously written culinary mystery. Each scene, character, and twist of the plot is unplanned and inspired by "ingredients" sent by readers.  The setting is t ...

5 years ago

3 Ingredients Serial: Episode 4

Teagan Geneviene · Welcome back to the Roaring Twenties and my "pantser" culinary mystery serial. If you've been here before, then you know that every last thing about this story -- the plot, the characters, all of it -- is spontaneously driven by "ingredients" that readers of Teagan's Books left i ...

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