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6 months ago

Post from Franklin hatcheet

Franklin hatcheet · Your Weightloss Solution · Try the all-natural weight loss supplement that's hitting the country like nothing else before. · Biofit is all-natural made from a special type of grass-root that's almost instantly starts burning fat · Please visit our website:

7 months ago

Post from Max Menkes

Max Menkes · Max Menkes is a travel enthusiast · Max Menkes is a travel enthusiast who has traveled to more than 40 countries and seeks adventures in every part of the world. · https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aeYuPd2GIM · Max Menkes, a Washington D.C.-based travel enthusiast, has visited man ...

1 year ago

Tips For Travelling From Home

Bryan Dunst · For the last few months, travelling has gone through a lot of changes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been avoiding travel and are even trying to quarantine in their house as much as possible. The travel industry took a small break in the beginning, but with summe ...

1 year ago

Journey Into World Change

Marianne Naughton · https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/free-of-charge · It is our jobs, as baby-boomers or even the generations before us, who journeyed throughout our lives of hardships and wars, · to be responsible to teach any wisdom, we just happened to picked up along the way. · However, once o ...

5 years ago

Veterans in Crisis: Don't Let Them Give Up the Fight

Randy Keho · Today's the Fourth of July, 2016. It's a beautiful day in northern Illinois. It's quiet, except for the birds who sing their morning song. I feel an air of peace embrace me. I pray for this feeling to last, knowing full well it will not. · I've just paid my respects to the Vietna ...

5 years ago

I can no longer stay silent- Trump is toxic to our Country!

Lisa Gallagher · I used to write blogs about politics. I gave up on it because most people have already made up their minds and you can't change the mindset of anyone who's decided who they would like to see as our next President.  · Tonight I changed MY mind and decided to write about Donald Tru ...

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