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1 month ago

What Is Content Marketing And Why Is It Important

Samuel Sunday Senior · What Is Content Marketing And Why Is It Important - · What's that gracious you need to find out with regards to what content advertising is well I'm happy you're in this blog then since the present is concerning · https://dominionglobaltech.org/what-is-content-marketing-and-why-i ...

5 months ago

Post from Samuel Sunday Senior

Samuel Sunday Senior · Content Marketing Ideas That Are Perfect for Moving Companies · t is safe to say that you are hoping to make content advertising techniques for your moving business? · Content Marketing Ideas That Are Perfect for Moving Companies - DGTBLOG · It is safe to say that you are hoping ...

3 years ago

Digital Marketing: Radical Mutation or the Same Wolf In Different Garb?

Phil Friedman · THE DYNAMIC DUO OF DIATRIBE RIDES AGAIN... · Preface: When Jim Murray and I first conspired to co-author this series, we saw it as a not-so-literary experiment. Well, we're now in our third year and on our 33rd installment. · Along the way, we've developed a reputation for not p ...

4 years ago

Apply The 80/20 Rule To Your Content Marketing

Edwin Dearborn · I stand before you a changed man, one who has been humbled. · One of my most respected mentors [who I have never met in person or spoke with via phone or email is Neil Patel. I have been following Neil for sometime, watching his videos and reading his blog posts. · While not as f ...

4 years ago

Content, Copywriting, and SEO: A Quick Case Study

Phil Friedman · MARINE INDUSTRY CONSULTANT, PHIL FRIEDMAN, PUTS THE EziBuoy (tm) MOORING BUOY PICKUP SYSTEM INTO 2ND POSITION ON PAGE ONE OF 20 MILLION GOOGLE RESULTS.... · There are self-purported Content Marketing and SEO gurus galore. I am not one of them. · But I get results with value-lade ...

4 years ago

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Phil Friedman · Join the Dynamic Duo of Disagreement On a Zen Search for Social Media Enlightenment... · Preface: When Jim Murray and I first agreed to co-author this series, we saw it as a literary experiment. We thought it might be fun but didn't know for sure ― since our first online engage ...

4 years ago

Is Content Really King on Social Media… Or Just the Joker?

Phil Friedman · DOES WHAT YOU PUBLISH MATTER OR JUST HOW MUCH YOU PUBLISH? · Preface:  When I first suggested this concept to Jim Murray, the model I had in mind was the famous 1960s traveling exchange between Bill Buckley and Gore Vidal, both masters of acerbic contretemps. But while we both t ...

4 years ago

Content Marketing vs Marketing Content

Phil Friedman · MARKETING GURUS WHO DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONTENT MARKETING AND MARKETING CONTENT SHOULD JUST STFU...  · Social marketing and digital advertising media are very attractive to small businesses because, at least nominally, they deliver a really big bang for the buck. O ...

5 years ago

Content Curation: Innocent Sharing or Just Another Pile of Digital Marketing Bull Chips?

Phil Friedman · GRUMPY AND GROUCHY RETURN TO THEIR CURMUDGEONLY WAYS IN THIS DISCUSSION OF CONTENT MARKETING... · Preface:  This is the 22nd installment of He Said He Said, produced after a brief hiatus during which we received a large number of requests to return to the format. Truth be told, J ...

5 years ago

Inbound Marketing Revisited

Phil Friedman · INBOUND MARKETING, LIKE GUERILLA MARKETING, FITS SMALL-BUSINESS TO A TEE... · Preface:  This post is excerpted from my soon-to-be-published book on small-business. It is written not from the perspective of a marketing guru, but from that of someone who has spent the vast majority ...

5 years ago

Small Businessman's Primer to Inbound Marketing

Phil Friedman · BOATYARDS AND OTHER SMALL BUSINESSES ARE PRIME CANDIDATES FOR · IMPLEMENTATION OF INBOUND MARKETING... · I do not pretend to be a marketing guru. I am a technical and business consultant in boat building and boat yard operations. But as a professional writer and editor, I have ...

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