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1 month ago

Motorcycle Tips to Stay Safe in Colorado

Brian Pushchak · Most motorcycle riders know that there is an inherent danger that comes with choosing this much more exposed way of operating a motor vehicle. Still, while the obvious dangers are generally easier to prepare for, as your motorcycle accident attorneys, we want to make you aware of ...

6 months ago

Post from John White, MBA

John White, MBA · Hola a todos desde Colorado!

1 year ago

Why Don't You Act Your Age?

Steven Marshall · Note: I have heard the title of this blog numerous times when I tell people what I like to do for fun. Enjoy. Previous installments of my weekly blog from 2013 can be found on my website at https://stevemarshallassociates.com/steves-blog/ · I grew up as a bookworm, eschewing all ...

3 years ago

Pictures Speak A 1000 Words, A Re-Cap of 2017

Lisa Gallagher ·                                 Photo Credit: Lisa Gallagher 2017 · There are many moments we can't and would never want to capture in a photo. I realize we are supposed to be extremely thankful for our time here on planet earth and those who surround us. I can honestly say, I'm ...

4 years ago

Some Random Quirky Things About Me. How About You?

Lisa Gallagher · When I was young my mother used to tell my brother and I that we could go out into the woods behind my grandmother's home and dig a hole to China. We believed her and dug until our hands were hurting. I remember asking my brother, "If we can do this, do you think the Chinese peop ...

4 years ago

The Making of a Triathlete: From Pennsylvania to England to Colorado (Main article was taken from the Times Observer, Warren, Pa with Credit)

Lisa Gallagher · Photo Credit: Lisa Gallagher as soon as Brian Crossed the Finish line, Boulder 2014 · This story was originally published in the Warren Times Observer by Jon Stitler. My son has done at least 3 more Ironman Competitions since this was written. I decided to publish it here and lea ...

4 years ago

Dear Anxiety, I hate you!

Lisa Gallagher · Anxiety, just when you think you might be beating this disorder it comes back with a fervor. There is very little I hate but I want to shout, "I hate YOU Anxiety!"  An incident happened today that angered and inspired me to write. · We left for Colorado two and a half weeks ago. ...

4 years ago

From Pennsylvania to Colorado, a Road Trip Pt. 1

Lisa Gallagher · We just returned home from a road trip to Colorado. We've done this drive before but I have to admit the older I get the harder it gets! · Do I have regrets, no. Did my tailbone feel like someone kicked it by the time we arrived in Colorado, yes. Ah, the joys of getting older. W ...

4 years ago

Rebounding for Travel

Lisa Gallagher · I've been offline more than online recently. My husband and I both ended up coming down with a nasty Respiratory flu which turned into infections for both of us. After 10 days or so we both went to our Doctors. I ended up with an ear infection, sinus and laryngitis. · My husband ...

4 years ago

Anxiety and How It Can Interfere With Vacation Planning

Lisa Gallagher · How Anxiety Disorder Can Dampen Vacation Plans · The excitement of going on vacation is replaced with incessant fears · Photo Courtesy of Unsplash.com · I have been fortunate over the past 20 years because I’ve been able to vacation each year, something that always filled me with ...

4 years ago

The Price of Beans

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · I wrote this during difficult times. My point, however subtle, was that bullying has a distinct cost to society. I experienced bullying in school, and it was terribly disruptive to my education. I implored school officials to intervene to no avail. They finally got involved after ...

5 years ago

Thank You!

Steven Marshall · Note: Please allow me to take a time out from my usual rants and raves to say "Thanks." Enjoy. Previous installments of my weekly blog from 2013 are located on my website at http://stevemarshallassociates.com/steves-blog/ · Thank you! · I want to say thank you to a lot of people ...

5 years ago

The Tales of Juan Blanco - The Beginning

John White, MBA · Before Juan Blanco, there was only John White · The year was 1993, and I was 17. I was on my way to Spain for the first time as an exchange student in a summer program to the north of Spain. There were 20 other American teenagers going. We lived with host families totally immerse ...

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