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3 months ago

Post from Secure Tech

Secure Tech · How Safe is Business Backup Software Really? · Business backup software can auto-upload your data to the cloud. While the cloud has risks, an MSP can create a secure solution for your needs. · https://www.getsecuretech.com/business-backup-software-safe/

3 months ago

Post from Sean Dagel

Sean Dagel · Cloud-based law office management brings assured benefits to law firms and law businesses while also minimizing risks. Read on to learn how cloud-based management software can assist you in achieving your goals. · Reasons to Consider a Shift to Cloud-Based Law Office Management ...

3 months ago

Post from Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh · DispatchTMS | The Best Trucking Dispatch Software · Dispatch TMS is a cloud based transportation management software for the trucking industry. It is easy to use and affordable for any business.

5 months ago

Top 5 Cloud Security Trends You Should Know | Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Carlos Tíscar · (Originally posted by Oracle at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Youtube Channel) · IT leaders are facing unprecedented challenges in how to modernize key infrastructure without sacrificing security. Whether it’s moving workloads to a public cloud, enabling new levels of automation, o ...

3 years ago

Looking Back: Disaster in Anacortes

Phil Friedman · LOOKING BACK AT THIS PIECE I WROTE FOR PASSAGEMAKER MAGAZINE IN 2014, IT SEEMS THAT THE DARK CLOUD SEEN IN THIS PHOTO PRESAGED THE LAUNCH TO FOLLOW... · An in-depth look at the capsizing of the $10-million expedition yacht, Baden, in Anacortes, Washington, USA. · In this web ext ...

4 years ago

Ode to 1964

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador · We were bitchin and bad · Never bummed out or sad · Life was a blast, a real gas · No room for a candyass · We were cats and chicks · We’d hang loose at flicks · Sometimes all decked out · We were cool and far out · No ratfinks or flakes · Hands down no fakes · We’d bug out and g ...

4 years ago

Challenging Today's Social Norms

Harvey Lloyd · We look up at clouds everyday and they are just part of the landscape view.  If we can look at their processes and see their cycles we can see social networking and its strengths.  Cloud formation and the benefits it brings require a specific set of physical rules to produce rain ...

5 years ago

Not All Clouds Have a Silver Lining

Phil Friedman · CLOUD-BASED SYSTEMS ARE ATTRACTIVE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES, BUT THEY CAN BE THE WRONG CHOICE... · I am not an IT person. I am, however, an experienced small-businessman and consultant, with considerable experience in purchasing, implementing, and using computer systems for business ...

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