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1 month ago


Francisco Lopez · Termination of Scientists Sparks Concerns About Possible China-Related Probe · Colleagues fear the two scientists may have been targeted in fallout from the Justice Department’s controversial China Initiative. · https://theintercept.com/2021/09/24/baylor-scientists-china-initiati ...

1 month ago

The United States Must Reckon With Its Own Genocides

Francisco Lopez · The United States Must Reckon With Its Own Genocides · Confronting abusers like China demands accountability for the treatment of Indigenous people at home. · https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/10/11/us-genocide-china-indigenous-peoples-day-columbus/

5 months ago

Renewable Energy is Booming

Simon Tusha · The year 2020 will be remembered for a lot of things, but years from now it may be best known as the time that solar voltaic power in the world. That was confirmed by the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) 464-page “World Energy Outlook Report 2020.” · The importance of this mil ...

1 year ago

Hiring Globally Following the Pandemic

Jorge Alberto Lloreda · The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of today’s workplace. What was once considered a temporary quarantine measure might become a much longer-lasting cultural trend of working from home. With this increased telecommuting flexibility, some employers want to hire globa ...

1 year ago

WeChat and TikTok Ban - Amir Handjani Saudi Arabia

Amir Handjani · The Trump administration is moving ahead with its ban on the popular Chinese apps WeChat and TikTok. This is a significant step in what has become a growing consensus in Washington that the two largest economies in the world need to create a different framework for their relat ...

1 year ago

My Top 10 Take Away's From My Quarantine

Edwin Dearborn · 1. Demand that a proper and complete investigation take place regarding why China has been the source of multiple virus outbreaks in two decades. (Corornavirus, SARs, and MAREs). The world demands justice and China needs to change its way and pay reparations. · The amount of havo ...

1 year ago

Aniversario COVID

Cecilia Castelli · Que en tu cumpleaños se junte: la cuarentena, la cuaresma, la falta de reposición de máscaras en una pandemia, la distancia social y el celibato, es como demasiados deseos para pedir a una sola vela. No sabía si soplarla o ponerme de rodillas. Por favor terminemos con la frase “e ...

1 year ago

Trump Signs Executive Order Prohibiting COVID-19 Virus

PD Scullin · President Donald J. Trump has a golden gut. · He felt the global pandemic might be on the horizon. He knew in his gut it was coming. · "I thought it would be bad, very bad," he told The Lint Screen. "Not just for the economy, but people, too. I care about people, everyone says so ...

1 year ago

Trial and Error

Mark Blevins · Today at the job one of the guys I work with was talking about the Trump impeachment failing. He was wondering about the way politics were going and I could tell he was worried. He was wondering how many people on the Democratic party were actually going along with him in secret ...

2 years ago

The Origin of Chinese Paper Money | Bob Klein of Medici Capital

Bob Klein · Both the earliest forms of currency and the first instances of paper money can be attributed to Chinese innovation. Cast iron coins from the 11th century BCE have been discovered in use from the Shang Dynasty. Around 20 centuries later, the invention of inexpensive paper-making a ...

2 years ago

The History of Ancient Chinese Money | Bob Klein of Medici Capital

Bob Klein · Stretching back over thousands of years, China has had plenty of time to refine their currency system. Over the years, the way that they have bought and sold goods has changed greatly. Like many other primitive societies, China started out with a bartering system where people tra ...

2 years ago

Trump Declares Victory In China Trade War

PD Scullin · President Donald J. Trump is a man of vision. The most successful businessman ever, and the best American leader in history has done it again–– he has won his trade war with China! · "President Xi of China just called me," Trump told The Lint Screen, "and he surrendered. Just lik ...

2 years ago

When the Phubber Hits the Road: Reclaiming the Lost Art of Conversation

Judy Olbrych · Has this ever happened to you? · ● You’re out for lunch and see phones on the tables - couples are checking their notifications as they eat · ● You’re walking down the grocery store aisle and hear someone talking to an invisible person - through an earpiece · ● You notice an a ...

4 years ago

Some Random Quirky Things About Me. How About You?

Lisa Gallagher · When I was young my mother used to tell my brother and I that we could go out into the woods behind my grandmother's home and dig a hole to China. We believed her and dug until our hands were hurting. I remember asking my brother, "If we can do this, do you think the Chinese peop ...

4 years ago

Swimwear: How to Choose the Most Flattering Design for Your Body Type

Candice 🐝 Galek · While the beach should be a fun and carefree experience. If you're like most of us, it is usually preceded by a frantic, tear-filled bikini battle. Our bodies are all different, and what looks great on Rihanna, may not look quite up to par when viewed in the mirror. Finding the r ...

5 years ago

Container Shipping & Trucking Transortation Trends for 2017 Lead to Further Industry Consolidations

Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador · Freight forwarding startups attracted roughly $1 billion in investments over 18 months in 2014 and 2015, according to the Wall Street Journal, more than double the amount invested over the previous five years. This August, Uber, C.H. Robinson and Honeywell all inked deals to purc ...

5 years ago


Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador · This article was written by Peter Burley and David Lynn, that I wanted to share with all BEE's here, The Investor’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate . · The U.S. property market landscape in 2016 will appear much like it did in 2015, with a number of interwoven aspects that bode ...

5 years ago

A Tale From Yesterday

Lisa Gallagher · When I was young life seemed grand. My dad left for work each morning and when he arrived home we had his full attention. My mom was always busy cooking, cleaning or running errands. I am the oldest of 5 children and I remember waking up on many bright, sunny mornings thinking, " ...

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