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1 year ago

Websites For Children

Fahmeena Odetta Moore · The article for today: · Children's News Online. Website Analysis and Usability Study Results (the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands) · By De Cock, Rozane and Hautekiet, Eva · This article provides very good tips on designing websites for children. According to the arti ...

1 year ago

Reading Application For Children

Fahmeena Odetta Moore · I selected an article on a multi-modal tangible interface for children by six researchers from the Netherlands: · Read-It: A Multi-modal Tangible Interface for Children Who Learn to Read · By: Ivo Weevers, Wouter Sluis, Claudia van Schijndel, Siska Fitrianie, Lyuba Kolos-Mazuryk ...

2 years ago

COVID Vaccine and Children

Ember Conley · Approximately one in four Americans may be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but so far that only accounts for adults. As of right now, there is no COVID vaccine available for children under the age of 16, and people are wondering if there needs to be one. After all, the number ...

2 years ago

Encouraging Children to Read

Ember Conley · Encouraging a child's love of reading begins at an early age. Many different popular and award-winning books are available and appropriate for a child's understanding from the age of infancy upward. Books may have an educational theme. Others are simply a source of adventure or e ...

2 years ago

Three Ways to Promote Healthy Eating in Children

Ember Conley · As pediatric obesity continues to rise in the United States, it’s more apparent than ever these days that one of the most important things a parent can do for their child is to raise them in an environment that encourages healthy eating. But, as any parent will tell you, with fas ...

3 years ago

Can Your Children Benefit from Music Therapy?

Richard Abbe · Music is a truly powerful thing. Certain songs have the ability to transport us back to where we were the first time we ever heard it, reminding us of a specific time in our life. Other songs can bring up old memories we have of a special person. Music is able to give us energy, ...

4 years ago

How Music Helps Children with Autism

Jo Michael Scheibe · Autism can be diagnosed at a very young age and can be overwhelming news for parents. Although a child with autism can go on to have a very normal childhood and life, getting to that point can be a challenge. Lacking certain social, verbal, and cognitive skills and abilities is s ...

5 years ago

The Cascade Effect

Jerry Fletcher · He’s young, not yet 25. Over the weeks as he has coached me in the gym he’s become more relaxed with me, relaxed enough to share some troubled thoughts. · I’ve forgotten what triggered the mental withdraw and a pained expression on his face. His reaction was strong enough that I ...

5 years ago

Angry Democrat Mobs Terrorize Nation, Make Children Cry

Patrick Scullin · It’s even worse than you feared! · Sean Hannity, the North Star of Fox News Channel, recently warned viewers that mobs of angry Democrats are out of control and a threat to our nation. Sure enough, the Moses of hair parts was correct! · All over America, angry libs are gathering ...

5 years ago

Please don’t flush

Jerry Fletcher · Once, when my ex was speaking at a book conference the readings for Children and young adults were in a room adjacent to the lady’s rest room. As a result, a long line of women wound their way around the walls of the room and behind the chair (a sort of wooden throne) where autho ...

5 years ago

Trump Saves Children From “Evil Democrats”

Patrick Scullin · President Donald J. Trump is a very busy man. When he’s not bringing about world peace, making new pals with strong and very talented leaders, he is spreading love and compassion for all of humanity. · The big man called The Lint Screen today for some exclusive quotes about the r ...

6 years ago

Raising Children

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee ·                    · Even as a psychologist, my logical side, and emotional side are often at odds with (or even at war with) each other. It’s probably a result of being forced into a state of extreme survivalism as a child. I used my logic to save my life and/or avoid pain. Emot ...

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