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4 months ago

Post from Nicolas Martinez

Nicolas Martinez · Saturday, July 10th, 5pm · Dunning’s Market will host the Battle Of The Chefs! · 1050 Sterling Ave. Flossmoor, IL · We have some great prizes this Saturday! There will be music, dancing, as well as a chance to win your own custom-made watercolor painting by yours truly! · Full Co ...

4 months ago

Donating Cryptocurrency to Charity

Wesley Oler IV · If you’re into cryptocurrency, you might be saving a lot of it for a later date. However, you can help others with the cryptocurrency you have right now. · To help others, you’ll want to donate to charities. You do need to note some things, however, if you decide to donate your c ...

10 months ago

Family Resolutions For 2021

David Grislis · Every year, there are new resolutions people would like to achieve. The common vows for many people include diet and weight loss. However, there are many things families can put in their plans to accomplish in the coming year. Whether they think about partying with friends or hav ...

1 year ago

Utilizing Social Media for Your Charity

Peter Palivos Attorney · Nonprofit organizations have little to no money to spend on brand recognition or awareness. In this age of social media, however, word of mouth can spread overnight about a cause that people are passionate about, and it doesn’t have to cost a thing. There are, however, ways to ma ...

1 year ago

How To Be A Philanthropist On A Budget

Peter Palivos Attorney · Being a philanthropist and trying to drive for real change in suffering communities is a difficult and often expensive task. Many people in the lower and middle-income classes strive to help out groups in need but struggle to do so themselves due to tighter budget concerns. Givin ...

5 years ago

Yoga Mats & Charity

Candice 🐝 Galek · Donate your old yoga mat, and upgrade your personal style with a designer yoga mat. You'll magically feel more flexible, be able to do handstands, and poses you've only seen on Instagram! 😉 · Express yourself and do a little good for the world at the same time, because Vagabond G ...

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