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2 months ago

Conversations Get Closes

Jerry Fletcher · .“I put all this time and money into SEO and I’m still not getting any new business!” · It is not an unfamiliar complaint. It is the lament of every consultant and entrepreneur that provides a service at the point when they have decided to generate all their business on-line. Lat ...

2 months ago
Timothy Morin T

Post from Timothy Morin

Timothy Morin · If you don’t have the title, we can still buy your vehicle, pay you cash for it, and haul it away for free.

3 months ago

Consultant Marketing Diving In

Jerry Fletcher · .Are you thinking of bailing out of a full-time job to start a consulting business?  · Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane isn’t a good thing to do on a whim. On the other hand with a little pre-planning it can prove to be exhilarating. I’ve known folks that parachute from a ...

3 months ago

Consultant Marketing Your Junto

Jerry Fletcher · .I was researching Peer Groups commonly called masterminds as an extension of Credibility to Cash my planned three day intensive for Consultants, Coaches and other Independent Professionals.  · Credibility to Cash will provide significant training in how to build and maintain Tru ...

3 months ago

Elite Rage

Jerry Fletcher · When you’re that good you expect to be treated with deference.  · You get used to people taking your word as the expert.  · You won’t admit it but it feels good to have that ego polishing occur.  · That expectation may be misinformed. · I work with elite consultants who, if they ...

5 months ago

Consultant Marketing Credibility to Cash

Jerry Fletcher · I came back from Miami with a 90 Day plan. · I’m 10 days in and I’ve finally handled most of the consulting business actions that piled up while I spent 3 days in a retreat and two days on airplanes. You read that right. When you live in the upper left corner of the USA and you h ...

1 year ago

How Business Owners Can Survive a Recession

John Jellinek · Surviving a recession takes skill and planning. Unfortunately, many company bosses wait too long before taking the steps necessary to save their businesses during a recession. Instead of waiting, they should take steps early on to save their businesses. Here are three ideas to he ...

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