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5 months ago

Post from Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy · 5 Major Reasons Why Businesses Need Translation · 5 Major Reasons Why Businesses Need Translation · With the help of effective translation services, you can successfully translate your content, website, and marketing material to your targeted language. Here are 5 reasons why you ...

5 months ago

Post from Vitel communications

Vitel communications · Vitel Global Communications provides the Best Business Phone System for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses and provides a range of advantages at an affordable price. Vitel Global Communications is a perfect business communication system 

10 months ago

Marketing Tips To Help Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses

Steve Maleh · Using the right marketing strategies can help entrepreneurs get their businesses ’ names out there. These are some of the best marketing tips to help entrepreneurs pull in more customers. · Post videos on social media · While blog posts, pictures, and captions are crucial, videos ...

11 months ago

Debunking Common Finance Myths for Small Businesses

Jorge Alberto Lloreda · There exist finance myths that every small business owner believes. Debt is one of the scary words in business but a useful one. Getting to know its effect on small businesses will gauge great growth opportunities as you run your business with confidence. Here are three finance m ...

1 year ago

Ways Businesses Can Adapt to the “COVID-Norm”

Michael E Parker · Business has rarely changed as quickly as it has due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are few companies that are operating as normal, and even then, there are often new policies and procedures that have to be instituted for people’s safety. After the pandemic dies down, whether th ...

1 year ago

An Update on the Markets | Bob Klein of Medici Capital

Bob Klein · The stock market is stumbling higher struggling with heavy new supply of stock from stock sales by insiders and from new stock offerings by companies.  Executives are rushing to sell to take advantage of the very elevated valuations.  Sales of stock by insiders has never been hig ...

4 years ago

The Secrets to Prospecting

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · This is for everyone who is a business owner of every-type.  I want to start with a statement I heard, “People Like to buy from People NOT Businesses.” · Think about what this means. When you go shopping for most of your own needs, do you go to a different place every-time, or do ...

5 years ago

Small Businesses Need Marketing Strategies That Match Their Business Models

Phil Friedman · WHY FAD MARKETING ADVICE SMALL-BUSINESS OPERATORS USUALLY RECEIVE HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH THEIR REAL NEEDS · Preface: I do not pretend to be a marketing guru. I have, however, been a small-businessman for several decades, and have developed and run marketing campaigns for numerous ...

5 years ago

Small Businesses Need to Keep a Close Eye on Gross Profit

Phil Friedman · GROSS PROFIT AND GROSS PROFIT MARGIN ARE KEY INDICATORS FOR BOATYARDS AND OTHER SMALL BUSINESSES... · Few small business owners and managers have the time and luxury of performing complete financial analysis of their company's performance each week or even each month. Therefore, ...

5 years ago

Key Outsourcing Tips for Small Businesses

Phil Friedman · BASED ON LONG EXPERIENCE IN THE MARINE INDUSTRY, THESE TIPS APPLY EQUALLY TO ALL SMALL BUSINESSES… · I think it's fair to say that the recreational marine industry has entered a period of “cautious optimism”. Perhaps the business sector in which you work has as well. If so, in ...

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