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4 years ago

You (are) rock!

Virag🐝 G. · I asked my mom what kind of kid I was. She said, I always had an opinion, I went to talk to strangers since I could talk, and yes, in general, I talked from dawn to dusk. · Many things have changed in and out of me, but all that she says are still very much part of me. · These ar ...

4 years ago

Fashion Influencer Christene Barberich

Candice 🐝 Galek · How old is she? · Christene Barberich is the co-founder and global editor-in-chief of the Refinery29, Inc., which is an award-winning media lifestyle company. This company has a record of reaching as many as 225 million women globally every month! · A resident of Brooklyn, Chr ...

5 years ago

Because Halloween means something else for everyone...

Virag🐝 G. · Up until three years ago Halloween and all the buzz of trick or treat were something I only saw in the American movies. As naive as it sounds, Halloween is not a festive everywhere. In fact, it is not even a 'thing' everywhere. · While its roots are in the Celtic Shamanism, most ...

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