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5 months ago

Post from David Amerland

David Amerland · How One Book Leads Into Another · A writer’s journey is one of self-discovery. This, of course, sounds self-indulgent and were that to actually be the case then, my guess is, that writer ... · https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/21409385-how-one-book-leads-into-another

1 year ago

Links To My Very Best Content

Edwin Dearborn · Books I Have Written · Book - Power Branding Secrets: https://www.amazon.com/Power-Branding-Secrets-Customer-Interest/dp/0996313206 · Book - Three Degrees of Separation: https://www.amazon.com/Three-Degrees-Separation-Powerful-Connections-ebook/dp/B07YR78386 · Videos I Have Helpe ...

2 years ago

The Enemy of the Great is often the Good

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · I was listening to my pastor at church and he was teaching a lesson from the Book of Philippians. Yet, what caught my attention what not the lesson in whole but just one part of the lesson. While, my friend was teaching, he shared a quote by Jim Collins. "The Enemy of the Great i ...

3 years ago

My Latest Book: Marriage, Merriment, and Madness:

Dave Worthen · After counseling couples for over 40 years, I thought that I should put down in writing what real couples go through behind closed doors. · You hear about people “doing counseling” but really, you never hear the nitty-gritty. · When I first started helping individuals and couple ...

3 years ago

Formula for Finding a Fantastic Marketing Person

Jerry Fletcher · Sooner or later. · What if you only had to open your doors or announce your new service or product to be successful? · Wouldn’t it be great if sales streamed in, money filling your coffers like a golden waterfall? · Sorry, It just doesn’t work that way. · Sooner or later ever ...

3 years ago

My Book "Leader of the Pack" Now Available

Matt Sweetwood · Attention Bees! $1 Download for all beBee users and asking you all politely for a review on Amazon Kindle! · Leader of the Pack: How a Single Dad of Five Led His Kids, His Business and Himself From Disaster to Success · Leader of the Pack is the story of a man who, like many men, ...

3 years ago

Is it time to improve you?

Greg Rolfe · So you want to improve, I commend you. Becoming better at what you do is a great idea and valuable way to spend your time. So you have gone out and purchased the proper book or downloaded the e-book. Now the hard part, you need to read it. Or you could contact a coach in the fiel ...

4 years ago

My Spiritual Journey

Salma Rodriguez · For many years, I have been searching. For what? Not for fairies, spirits of the forest · or angels. Not witches. I was searching for life path numbers and their meaning. · What is Your Life Path Number? · Recently, I learned that, superficially, I am life path 25. Continuing my ...

4 years ago

Funeral For A Friend

Cyndi wilkins · For ...In loving memory of your wonderful friend...Special thanks to 🐝 Fatima Williams...For tagging me on Liesbeth's beautiful tribute in her honor..."The End Note. In The Book Of Life" · THE DASH: By Linda Ellis · I read of a man who stood to speak at the funeral of a friend;He ...

4 years ago

Learn, Do, Teach

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · During a webinar I recently attended, I listened to a guest speaker David. Even though I took notes for about almost two hours, one nugget stood out to me the most.  This was this phrase. “Learn, Do, and Teach.” · David said that I needed to keep learning.  Yet, this was not in a ...

5 years ago

Don't touch the piles

Virag🐝 G. · Once upon a time you entered a bookstore where books were in piles. Not a Barnes & Nobel organized piles, but some random piles like a perfect play for hide and seek. Of course, only if you like playing hide and seek with random books. · Among the piles, you will find treasures. ...

5 years ago

Five ways to improve your understanding of the Bible

Greg Rolfe · 1) Know the author. · Having a relationship with God permits us to have an inside incite to His writings. · 2) Talk to the author. · Having consistent conversations with God helps us to understand how He speaks and how He directs. · 3) Read the book. · It is necessary to read ...

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