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2 months ago


Samuel Sunday Senior · Theme a decent night’s rest is similarly just about as significant as normal exercise and a solid eating regimen research shows that low quality rest has quick adverse consequences over our chemicals mind work and surprisingly actual execution it can likewise cause for instance w ...

2 months ago

Post from Mike Davis

Mike Davis · If you decided to pack and move, you need to be prepared for pain and injuries, especially if you are not hard labor. No part of the body feels a move as much as your back.

1 year ago

Self-Care Tips Entrepreneurs Cannot Forget

Michael E Parker · Entrepreneurs often think about everything other than themselves. It can be tempting to work 16-hour days and try to cram a whole evening and night into the remaining 8 hours of the day. However, entrepreneurs who overwork themselves often neglect key areas of their health that c ...

4 years ago

Cellular Memory And The Body

Cyndi wilkins · Cyndi Wilkins · Muscular Therapist, Writer, Holistic Health and Energy Healing · "Modern science has typically localized consciousness in the brain, but recent studies have shown evidence of consciousness showing up in the heart, the gut, and parts of individual cells." -Deb Lang ...

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