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3 months ago

The Best Web Design Practices to Follow in 2021 and Beyond

Jacob Colleen · In this digitally-driven and competitive era, every business owner wants to be on top, and one of the most effective ways to be in the limelight is to have a stunning website design. Why? Because 94% of the first impressions are design-related. · It just takes 50 milliseconds for ...

5 months ago

The Net of Knowledge in Data Science (and Beyond)

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · Source: pixabay.com“Knowledge and Know-how in Data Science form a net of sorts. The fewer gaps in your knowledge, the finer the net, and the better your chances of catching insights in the data.” - Some data scientist ·   · I was never into fishing, especially not the one involvi ...

5 years ago

Girls, Their Teenage Years and Beyond- There Is Hope!

Lisa Gallagher · Parents have many nostalgic moments, tonight was one of those nights for me. I was watching a program on TV and it brought me back in time, it reminded me of the struggles my daughter encountered when she began High School.  · Prior to entering High School my daughter had hung wi ...

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