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4 years ago

BeBee At the Crossroads: Wrapping Up This Series

Phil Friedman · WRAPPING UP WHAT HAS TURNED OUT TO BE A REASONABLY POPULAR SERIES ABOUT BEBEE, WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT COULD BECOME... · Preface: I started this series slightly less than a year ago with the article "Affinity Networking On the Line". That piece generated a huge number of comments ...

4 years ago

Hives, Groups, and Froot Loops

Phil Friedman · WITH MAJOR CHANGES AT LINKEDIN, A VACUUM IS DEVELOPING ON SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PROFESSION- AND INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC GROUPS ... · Preface:  The following ideas are presented not as some form of final solution to anything, but as an intended stimulant to further discussion. I invite you t ...

4 years ago

Finding the Right Balance

Phil Friedman · WHERE IS THE LINE BETWEEN FREE EXPRESSION AND OFFENSIVE SPEACH, AND DOES IT EVEN MATTER? ... · What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist. · ― Salman Rushdie · I am a long-time supporter of beBee USA.  I believe that it has the potentia ...

5 years ago

Differentiation Thru Conversation: BeBee and the Quest for Market Share

Phil Friedman · THE LION'S SHARE OF ANY MARKET GOES TO THE FIRM THAT BEST DIFFERENTIATES ITSELF FROM THE COMPETITION... · Preface:  This piece could have been titled "With Some More Help For My Friends", as it is, in many respects, a natural sequel to "With a Little Help For My Friends"   And ye ...

5 years ago

With a Little Help for My Friends...

Phil Friedman · WHEREIN AN OUTSPOKEN ADVOCATE FOR beBee PRESENTS SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR CONSIDERATION... · I found out early on that the toughest comments came from those who cared most. · Michelle Williams in a comment to How Do You Really Build Engagement?  beBee vs beBee, No.3 · My friend a ...

5 years ago

Building Engagement on Social Media

Phil Friedman · HOW WRITERS AND BLOGGERS CONNECT WITH READERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA... · I've been researching and writing an article for Samantha Bailey's LinkedIn group for Group Owners, Managers, and Moderators on the relationship between engagement and initial exposure (reach) on various social me ...

5 years ago

I Wish, I Wish for... a Perfect Publisher

Phil Friedman · TAKING A LOOK AT WHAT MATTERS MOST TO WRITER-PUBLISHERS ON beBee · Preface: For the record, I'm a beBee booster. Have been since beBee Social Marketing Director John White, MBA first suggested to me that it was going to be a great place for independent writers to hang out. John a ...

5 years ago

Affinity Networking Is On the Line

Phil Friedman · A LOT OF BEES ARE TALKING THE TALK, BUT HOW MANY ARE READY TO WALK THE WALK? ... · On a recent installment of "He Said He Said" (Vol 17, by Jim Murray and Phil Friedman) an issue arose about the nature of Affinity Networking. And I was very surprised that so many otherwise commit ...

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